12-4-18 Tuesday

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Someone asked recently (or more likely, months ago – okay, I had to go look, the comment was left on October 16th) to see what the bag o’ toys I send home with the kittens looks like. The bags generally differ depending on the kitten, what their favorite toys are, and what I happen to have on hand. This is what was in the bag I sent home with Cruise on Sunday:

Hopefully she’ll share her toys with her new big (kitty) brother!


Cam has a think.

Tank needs a snuggle.

They love to flip that basket over and hang out on top of it. I think it looks like a pedestal in a museum, with Fender as the work of art.

Work of art Pulley.

“What?” Oh, that Solenoid.

Fender is such a lapkitten. Every time I sit down, he climbs into my lap and purrrrrs.

Pretty little Dynamo.

Axle’s hoggin’ all the toys.

LoJack appears to be a pretty comfy seat.

The last shot I got of all 11 kittens, the day Cruise and Gauge went home.


Dewey’s all “Tryin’ to SLEEP here, lady.”


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12-4-18 Tuesday — 7 Comments

  1. Here I thought a bag o’ toys would be oh, the size of maybe a large ziploc bag. Now that’s a bag of toys…

    Pretty sure our girlfriend Cruise will be able to win over her new big brother (I mean, aside from the fact that her awesomeness alone could win over any kitty/human) with that loot.

    • No kidding about the toys. Makes me feel like a monster for making my two share about 30 toys.(Plus 2 condos, 2 heated beds, and a few unheated beds – I don’t completely deprive them :))
      When I first glanced at the picture of Axle, I thought he had long red claws. Had to do a double-take.

    • I’ve gotta send a lot of toys home with them; otherwise we’d be buried in toys (and this is the perfect excuse for me to buy MORE!)

  2. It’s so wonderful you got that last shot of all 11 snuggling together like that. It’ll make for good memories and just looks so cozy and happy.

  3. I wanna purrful lapkitten toooooo! 🙂 *snuggles Fender! … And then Tank, and then tiny Dynamo (tortieeeeee!), and then Pulley, and then the tuxies, both adopted and not yet, because tuxies, and then… ah heck*

    Ooh, not quite unrelated. Did you ever get an eleven-kitten purr fest on video? I don’t doubt the actual purr fest happened, as sweet as this litter is!

    • I never did get an 11-kitten purr fest on video because I’m not stealthy enough and as soon as I started making a video, someone would notice, stop purring, and come to investigate. Kittens ruin all my good plans!