12-3-18 Monday

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In case you missed it last night, this happened…

Cruise and Gauge were both adopted and went home last night! They went to separate (wonderful!) homes, and each will have a one year old cat to play with.

2 down, 10 (including Ryder) to go!

None of the other kittens are spoken for yet, so if you’re interested in one or two or ten, email info (at) ffhsv.org to discuss adoption procedures.


Gauge hanging out in the tub. As you do.

Oh, that girl is so darn PRETTY, isn’t she? (Cruise)

Cruise atop the scratcher.

Solenoid’s ready to be Da BAYbee whenever you’d like.

Cam with attitude.

Pulley’s a LAYDEE.

Clutch, Dynamo and Fender in the tub. They love a good sun bath.

Fender’s such a sweet boy.

Tank, Cam and Fender in the tub. Which is the best place to be on a sunny day.

LoJack on the window ledge, keeping an eye on things.

Tank and Dynamo. Doesn’t she have the most amazing eyes?


Video! Fun with kittens and ping pong balls. The first part didn’t go quite as I’d expected!

YouTube link


Archie watchin’ birds.


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12-3-18 Monday — 6 Comments

  1. Excellent way to start a Monday knowing that Cruise and Gauge are in their homes for Christmas!

    I figure I love Archie so much because he reminds me of my Old Man Atticus who passed a year + ago, but also because he’s just so damn gorgeous. He would make the most awesome uncle to the kittens, too bad he just thinks their “nope” material…

  2. Looks like multiple ping pong balls overloaded their little brains. They could focus when it was only one at a time. I hope all the other babies and momma find their forever homes for Christmas. I want LoJack so much, but I don’t think Jessica would be very happy. As spoiled as they are (did I say that) it would be interesting to see how Andre and Bella would react.

  3. Aaaaah. I always check the “previously” section for giggles and 2015 was a jackpot. Thank Fred for my morning coffee snort.

    “And that’s how I came to be dancing around the backyard in my underwear this morning, clutching a lavendar pillowcase in one flailing hand, with a herd of cats milling around my feet and a squirrel clinging to my thigh.”

  4. Sure hope that Cruise and Gauge new furrmilies have ping pong balls for them and hardwood floors. You just don’t get the same bounce on carpets.

  5. I am so glad Cruise has found her home – her little white chin makes her look so much like my Allie and my previous girls Dolly and Charlotte that I was afraid I was going to have to drive to Alabama and adopt her! I chose Allie at the shelter totally based on her white chin!

  6. I think a pile of ping pong balls were too much. It surprised me, too! However, they certainly loved one at a time!