12-7-20 Monday

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In case you missed it, we had a great weekend! First up, Saturday morning…

Buffalo Bill was adopted and went home to Georgia. (His new family drove 3 hours (one way!) to get him. And yet, they came the shortest distance of all the adopters this weekend.) He is now Klaus, short for Niklaus (from the TV show The Originals, which is a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries, and from what I read online he’s a vampire-werewolf hybrid, which seems like the perfect new name for Buffalo Bill and his sweet little bat face.)

And then Saturday afternoon…

Funnel Cake went home! His family came all the way from Houston, Texas. And this is the SECOND time this year they’ve made that drive. In May they adopted Carmelita Los Mewchachos (Isabella’s daughter). They left here and stopped in Mississippi to spend the night, and as it turns out Funnel Cake is a great little traveler. (He will not remain Funnel Cake; they’re working on a new name for him.)

And then, to round off the weekend, yesterday morning…

Tater Tot went home! Her family came from Charlotte, North Carolina – and I have actually known her new family online for, I don’t know – 20 years? Something like that? This was the first time we’ve met in person though, and that was very cool. She is now Periwinkle, Peri for short. Even cooler: we get to watch Peri with her kitty brothers Buzz and Woody, and their doggy brother Brinkley right here on Instagram.

So with those three going in addition to the five who went last weekend, we are now down to a total of 7 kittens. Less than half of what we started with.


We are now adoption pending on…

Hush Puppy and French Fry – together! – who will be going home at the end of the week. They’ll be joining a family that includes big kitty brother Oscar (who is also a house panther) and two human brothers.

So once those two go home, we’ll be down to ONE THIRD of the kittens we started with, and I am starting to think that possibly all the kittens might be able to go home from here without stopping at Petsmart. Fingers crossed!


Today’s pics are the last ones I have that include Buffalo Bill, Funnel Cake and Tater Tot.

Laser light! Please note Tater Tot over there on the right, in mid-leap.

All 10 kittens on the couch, looking up at the laser light.

I ran the laser light up across the ceiling and toward me in hopes that the kittens would all turn around and look at me and I’d get a great pic. Only Funnel Cake is just a little too smart and ran after the light.

Uncle Charlie takes a stroll around the room.

Funnel Cake and the head tilt of “Why you so weird, lady?”

If you look carefully you’ll see all 10 kittens PLUS Uncle Charlie.

Uncle Charlie really makes himself at home.

That girl wasn’t foolin’ around.

All-purpose kitten.

The head tilt kills me.

One last pose.


Alice wonders, “Can’t a girl take a nap in a pile of leaves without you encroaching on her privacy?”

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