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Oh, I’m going to make you so happy right now!!

Genevieve (decorator/designer) is on Rachael Ray right now, talking about Christmas stuff.
For those with cats who won’t stay out of the Christmas tree:

Geranium essential oil.

Spray it on the Christmas tree….it smells wonderful….and cats HATE it, and they will stay away from your tree!!!!
See? I knew this would make you smile!!!!

How neat! I don’t need it myself – I haven’t decided whether I’m going to put up our Christmas tree or not this year, but even if I do, it hangs on the wall, and the permanent residents don’t mess with it – but I wanted to make sure everyone saw this.

I think if you spend a little time on Google, you should be able to find a place to order it. I also feel like maybe a health food store would carry it (I could be wrong about that, though!)

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Those straws look like peppermint sticks. Very Christmas-y.

I got a pack of four (or five… okay, maybe even six, I don’t remember exactly how many there were) in the Christmas section at Dollar General. Pretty good deal, especially since they’re hard plastic and should hold up against sharp kitty teeth better than regular straws do.

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This is only my second time commenting, although I’m a faithful daily reader since Emmy’s kittens were a few days old (and have e-mailed Robyn privately 2 or 3 times). I saw this today and just had to share it with all you ladies. Maybe your hubby/child/partner/significant other/co-workers need an idea for a Christmas present for you?

Diamond Cat Heart Pendant. If you add the code BRADSDEALS the price drops to $21.89. BTW, I have nothing to do with this at all — not getting a commission or anything like that. I just thought it was so cute, but I’d never have any opportunity to wear it, so I just wanted *someone* out there to get the chance to snag it.

This blog is the thing I look forward to every day. Sometimes, like today, I try to save it until I get some work done — so that it’s a reward. Most days though it’s the first thing I look at when I turn on the computer so that I can get through the rest of the day with a better attitude!

Hugs to all my fellow cat lovers!

Thanks for the idea, Charlene!

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If anyone wants a good laugh this morning…

YouTube link

I love it!

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Just came across this and thought it might amuse everyone here:

YouTube link

This makes me want to get out the vacuum and try to vacuum our cats – but I suspect none of them would put up with it!

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Is that a Doodle Cats Notepad Miz Poo has her paw on? I LOVE Beth’s stuff!!

Indeed it is! I really love her stuff, too, it’s so adorable.

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I had what must be my millionth Crooked Acres dream last night. In my dream you were keeping kittens in a laundry basket. You had a whole pile of them, and some were really unusual looking. One was steel gray all over, including his eyes – it was kind of freaky.

Another was peacock blue and gold, and looked really shiny like silk, only I didn’t get to touch him because every time I tried, the other kittens in the laundry basket climbed on top of him. Too weird.

I really really want a peacock blue and gold kitten. Like, REALLY. Someone bring me one right now!

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I just finally watched the turkey video, and I have to concur on the absolute dumbness of turkeys. I work in a small village in Mexico in the summer, and all fowl are allowed to roam freely in most of Mexico. Chickens are fine, though an occasional rooster scares the crap out of me at 6 am. But turkeys are sooo annoying, and I’m actually scared of them. We’ve spotted them tearing apart a large frog (think guts flying up in the air), and if you approach them the males will pouf up and CHASE YOU. Plus in the roads, you cannot get them to move out of the way; they do indeed challenge cars.

What’s fun is gobbling at them, as they will respond no matter how bad your Turkeyish is. And a friend started mocking the male strutting turkeys with a French accent. So imagine a pouffed up male bragging about how much the ladies love his pouf, with a French accent.

This made me laugh out loud! Oh, turkeys. Just so DUMB.

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Hi! Previously commented on the blog regarding getting two cats I rescued from a parking lot, so I’ll give an update: after they adjusted to cages in a week or so, they went home with a forever family, and together! Yay! Bonnie and Clyde (yep, new mom liked my taste in kitten names) are out of the woods.

Hurray for Bonnie and Clyde!

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I just got back from my Tire shop. The boredom of waiting and the pain of paying were completely eliminated by the fact that there was a shop Lap Cat! I sat down to read a 100yr old Sport illustrated (blah) & a warm furry thing crawled into my lap. Really, every waiting room everywhere should have a lap cat or pup to elevate the boredom. Oh and they found this little guy under the hood of car…that rolled into the shop from 30 miles away. Car owner didn’t even know he was there. Happy Ending!

Once upon a time, I tried to convince Fred that we should open a used-book store, not only because we both love books, but also because it would have given me a good excuse to have a shop cat! (Or two!)

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As we were all talking about going to Robyn’s for vacation when she posted the Google Map of her place, I thought you’d all be interested in this story.

For you non-clickers, the university in Canada is setting up a “puppy room” so students can relieve some of their stress and anxiety regarding exams by going to a room and playing with puppies brought by a local organization. I think the kitty lovers should demand equality!

I think all businesses and stores should have shop cats – but then, I guess that would make it unpleasant for those with cat allergies, so maybe not.

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It doesn’t look like Alice hissed and smacked Thist, more like a light smack to protect her claim on the top shelve. I don’t know why, I thought she was a little more aggressive to the fosters? This looks like an almost playful smack.

Alice is actually not all that aggressive toward the fosters. If they persist in trying to get up in her space she’ll get hissy and growly, but for the most part she finds that a good pop on the head or a smack in their general direction usually works.

She’s even (don’t tell her I told you!) been spotted PLAYING with the occasional kitten!

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Howdy Robyn. I have a question for Friday. We’re finally taking the kittens in to be neutered next week and were wondering about pain meds for after. When my husband called the vet to get prices for things they mentioned two doses of pain meds for each of the boys. I was wondering if they were necessary in all your experience. Especially since you mention how the kittens always seem to not even notice anything happened to them by the time you got them home. Granted these boys are now 7 months old so maybe being older will change things. Thanks

In my experience kittens don’t really need pain meds after neutering, but that’s with the ones who are neutered at around 12 weeks old. Though actually, now that I’ve thought about it, we had Rupert neutered earlier this year, and he didn’t really seem to notice that anything had been done either. I think that if the pain meds are included in the price of the neutering, go ahead and give them the first dose and see how they do. I really doubt that a second dose will be necessary.

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Great and useful things for cats (and dogs)! I love the pet-cam!

That stuff is pretty awesome! I always eyeball the Pei Pod, but there is just no WAY I’m spending over $100 for a cat bed (as awesomely cool as it looks).

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The last pics I took of the Weeds girls before they left!

I don’t know. Okay, I do know – I was trying to get a cute pic of Purslane in a bowl. This is the only picture I got where she wasn’t a blur, trying to climb out of that bowl.

Oh, the expression on her little face cracks me UP.


::wild maniacal laughter::

She forgot to put her tongue away. And then she looked at me like “What? What’s so funny?”

A last few shots of the seesters (so much easier to get a shot of the litter when there are three than when there are five like the Pickles!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stripey keeps his eye on Da Bird.


“Whar’d it gooooooo?!”

Got it!


It was a leaky eye day for Mr. Stripey.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Corbie’s favorite place to hang out in the back yard, in the iron pot under the Privet bush.

He is SUCH a pretty boy. ::sigh::


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12-7-12 — 38 Comments

  1. Re: Pain meds for older cats getting neutered – My Fuzz got neutered when he was about 8 months old (I got him at 6 months of age and we wanted his broken ribs and nose to heal. Yes, he sprayed inside the house for those months, sigh). He definitely was bothered by the incision and the pain med’s helped him immensely.

    It was pretty obvious when Fuzz was in pain. He’d lie down, then get up, circle a few times, would lie down again and then get up again. He’d sniff and lick the incision tentatively. He’d also meow piteously when peeing, poor guy. Those symptoms only lasted about a day, though, so two doses of painkillers were enough.

    The easy thing about giving pain meds is that your cats will be kind of stoned, so less likely to put up effective resistance to being pilled. Fuzz was so out of it that I could just hold his head back and pop the pill in (NOT the normal situation for my pill-hating big guy). He didn’t even spit them out as he typically does.

    So, I’d follow your vets advice and make the process easier for your cats. It’ll probably only be a day. If the boys are in pain for more than a day, please call your vet for further advice!

    • Thanks everyone. I guess we’ll go ahead and get the extra doses, it can’t hurt to have them on hand just incase anyway.

      The feed store where we get the cat and dog food have two shop cats. I’ve gone in on several occasions when the black one is laying in the open dog treat bin. Cracks me up everytime. Especially when I’ve seen people actually scooping up some treats to purchase. Their dogs must be all, “what the fuck is this funky smell/taste?” when eating them.

      Our Pippin is growing up to look just like Corbs. Gorgeous beyond belief those two are.

  2. Good luck trying to get the cats to take the pain meds! I got some pain meds for Magda when I had her spayed, and they fixed her umbilical hernia at the same time, and she HATED the meds more than anything. If I could get the meds in her, like doodle says, she was more comfortable. But man, she would see me coming with that little medicine squirter and she’d haul ass under the sofa!

    • That’s everyday behavior for my Sweetpea if I try to pill here – with the added features of hiding for 8 hours and then not letting me get within 6 feet of her for another 24 hours). She’s impossible to pill without Pill Pockets!

  3. Wow, Stripey has the moves. Great shots of him and Da Bird.
    I recently had Pete McStomperson on a 3 day course of pain med/anti imflamatory for a sore shoulder. He is such an incredible good guy. I picked him up, sat down with him on my lap, popped open his mouth and dropped in the pill. I rubbed his throat and he swallowed and then purred. Freaky, I know. Easiet pill givin’ I have ever had. He was pretty sleepy the rest of the day and evening.

  4. Being ill at the moment and wishing i had a cute lil kitten to hear purr your pics Robyn are so what I need right now!

    Lovely Dandelion and Purslane are so so cute – They could purr up with me so so bad! It might take my mind off the illness! πŸ˜€

  5. When Tika and Abby were spayed a couple months ago (at 5 months old), they gave me two doses of pain meds (to be given every other day). They were bouncing off the walls by the end of day one, but I gave them the meds anyway… but spaying is a bit more painful to begin with. Mother Jefferson needed a bit more pain management after the procedure, but then again she was 2 years old.

    My boys spent the night at the vet after neutering and went directly back to Petco. I still don’t think they’ve noticed that anything is different. πŸ˜‰

    When we were stationed in Germany, our landlords would dog-sit for us whenever we were away. They SWORE that the dog loved being vacuumed. That was not my experience with him… or any of the cats we have had since.

  6. Cat vacuuming. That will not happen in my house. As soon as the vaccum is turned on CJ heads for the basement. The first cat I had liked the vacuum and would sit on it while my mother moved it around. Since he weighed almost 20 pounds I guess my mother’s arm got a good workout.

    • Last night, I was thinking that I need to do a post with pictures of the girls from when I first got them, and then right before they went off to Petsmart. Love Meow read my mind, at least on one of them! πŸ™‚

      • I had completely forgotten how sick they looked when you first got them, Robyn. You did a great job of getting those girls well and happy!

    • I went over to Love Meow and was checking out some of the posts on Robyn’s fosters. I got to the one about Cicero and I thought to myself “who the heck is Cicero?” Then I saw the pictures. I completely forgot that he had a “real” name πŸ™‚

  7. And…not that Corbie isn’t beautiful 24/7/365, but he is especially gorgeous in today’s pictures. I love his cute little nose!

  8. Robyn, Any update on the weed girls? Have they adjusted to life at Petsmart and come out of hiding in the litter box?

    • Mary Ellyn, Lisa reported that before she left (Lisa was doing adoptions Tuesday night), she pulled Purslane and Thistle out of the litter box, and they curled up together in the cat bed. I haven’t heard about them since, but I expect they’re doing fine. Adoption hours are taking place tonight, so I have all my fingers and all my toes crossed that they get themselves adopted tonight!

  9. Oh my, am I in trouble. That bradsdeals site could be addictive. Yes, I did get me that adorable cat pendant.

    I just love Corbie in the pot surrounded by leaves.

  10. Whoa. Those pictures of Corbie are stunning. Even after weeks upon weeks of great Friday shots, those are amazing.

    We’re all stuck on Jake. All of us.

    • It’s hard to resist Jake’s charms. Even Kara, who’s no big fan of other cats, can be found head-butting Jake every evening when we bring the cats inside. πŸ™‚

  11. Love me some Corb!!

    A local small town has a small mystery book store that has store cats!!!

    Oh, and the turkey comment reminded me of a story: a few years ago one of my cousins was driving home for a weekend and taking the back roads. Yes, they live in the country as well. Her dad is an auto repair guy (thankfully). And 30 minutes after she was due to arrive, the phone rings. Can dad come get her? Why? She hit something with the car and it won’t start. What did she hit? A HUGE turkey….. Her dad pulled heaven knows how many feathers out of the engine before he could get it restarted (no, the turkey didn’t survive). We still tease her to this day….

  12. I wouldn’t use essential oils around my cats for my cats or even near my cats. A cat’s liver is different from a human’s and their livers can’t process them (there is thought that even inhaling it can be an issue)

    Cats hate citrus. When I want my kitties to stay away from something I put citrus peels around it, it works until they dry out.

    You could always do this

    The pei pod shows up on Fab a lot.. not that I’ve ever seen it under $80, but you never know..

    • Great idea Connie – I’ll have to ask my hubby about it. We are going out tonight and will be right by Lowe’s anyway πŸ˜›

        • LOL-I HAVE actually thought of that idea but our roof is vaulted and that would make the tree hang at an angle. It would look totally crooked to me and would drive me even MORE bonkers than having to get the cat out of the tree every 5 minutes. The hutch stayed untouched today so maybe she will be okay. I’ll post an update on Monday.

  13. I was reading 2009, re Stinkerbelle (my fave. And Loony Jake. And Corbie, and Kara, and and and…) Seems she’s a woman of mystery! Anyway, I disagree that she isn’t a pointed cat. Pointed cats develop colour with age, and Stinkerbelle’s kitten pics do show her developing her ‘points’ first. Plus I think she has blue eyes? which to the best of my knowledge only occurs with albino/ partial albino genes. So all-white or pointed cats, basically- pointing is a form of partial albinism. If you look at Charlene Butterbean, from the itty Bitty Kitty Committee, who is certainly a pointed cat, you will see her back/ body is really very dark now as a mature cat, whereas when she was younger it was lighter. Now, only her front and underside is creamy coloured. Stinkerbelle is like this. Also you can see faint tabby markings on her dark patches- these would be solid black/grey if she wasn’t tabby. She also has distinct white patches, as a calico does, which is another gene altogether. I have always seen Stink as a ‘(maybe dilute) tortie-tabby point and white’ πŸ™‚

    Also there are several forms of pointing. There’s the siamese form, caused by two siamese pointing genes and causing the well known lighter body/ darker points. But then a burmese cat is also a pointed cat- its body is really very dark all over, but still a shade lighter than the points, with yellow/green eyes. It has two burmese colourpoint genes. And then you can get the tonkinese, which has one copy of each burmese and siamese colourpoint and has the points with a middling body colour and aqua eyes. So there’s colourpoint and colourpoint, the siamese variety is only one of the possibilities but that’s a bit irrelevent as I think stinkerbelle’s eyes are blue.

  14. Love the vacuuming the kitty video! I used to have a fat calico who loved to be vacuumed with the hose. No brush though, never thought of it! I did her back more than her belly, and she would go in to purring fits if I sucked her tail in the hose! Weird cat…

  15. I sent your website link to my Tire shop guy. “hey, look you’re famous!” That really was a sweet little kitty.

  16. I love store kitties, especially store lap kitties! I once knew a garden center cat, when I was out in Colorado. I was picking up herbs for my planters, and all of a sudden my mother says ‘There’s a cat.’ It took me a minute to realize what I was hearing her say; I figured she meant catnip or something. I actually asked her ‘A what?’ and she went ‘A cat.’ I still didn’t quite believe her until I reached out and petted the fuzzy grey thing on the chest of drawers, and then I turned into a ten-year-old and squeed kitty! Snaps was apparently a stray kitten who the store employees had banded together to save, up to and including chipping in to pay for her spay. Not a lap cat, at least that I could tell, but a soft fluffy grey longhair with a quiet purr motor. AWWWW!

    A pet store in town here has multiple locations, and each of them has at least one kitty, if not more. One is a calico, one is a velvety mediumhair orange girl, and over on the west side of the city, there are three, a tuxedo mom and her two now-grown kittens, a longhair tabby girl and a tuxedo son. The momkitty is a total attention-seeking purrball, and everybody adores her, including me! People have been known to walk into that shop specifically to love on Lucy, and I always seek her out and snuggle her when I’m there.

    Er, I’m shutting up now. I could probably go on.

  17. I’m going to miss Purslane the most. She was the one who brought me here. I have a soft spot for the Torties. And She is just *SO* gorgeous. I see past her skepticism and appreciate her insight.

  18. Gee Robyn, thanks for that cat-friend vs dog-friend video, i then spent the next 10 minutes watching videos! And i’m at work! ‘gays will marry your girlfriends’, and then i saw the one for girls and gee, those boys are pretty funny, aren’t they? Re pain meds, you can get liquid Arnica at health food shops and this is excellent for any sort of pain relief for humans and animals! I want a peacock kitten, too! If you find where they make them do let me know. πŸ™‚