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Hey, look who I found on my camera’s memory stick:

That’s Thistle. I love how you can see the reflection of the can of air in her eye.

There were no Pickle or Weed adoptions this weekend, unfortunately. In an entry for about this time last year I was complaining about the slowness of adoptions, so I’m guessing maybe it’s just the time of year. I sure hope adoptions pick up soon. Waiting for my babies to be adopted drives me a tiny bit nuts.

It was my intention, once the Weeds were gone from Crooked Acres, to move the ‘Maters and Kohle to the guest bedroom, and then spend Wednesday and Thursday repainting the upstairs foster room and stripping and repainting the door. I never made it to Lowe’s for supplies before Wednesday, and I woke up Wednesday morning in a very “Don’t wanna” mood, so I didn’t. On Friday Fred and I went to Lowe’s and stocked up on tape and primer and paint, and on Saturday we moved the kittens to the downstairs guest bedroom.

Fred pointed out that the walls in the foster room actually look pretty good, so I opted not to repaint them, just do the trim and the door. And after looking around online, I decided I’d try painting the door with primer and then paint. If it doesn’t work out and the door starts peeling again, I can always strip it like I’d planned to.

It’s amazing how much better the room looks to me, now that the trim has two fresh coats of paint on it. I’d show you pictures, but I honestly don’t think that it’s noticeable to someone who hasn’t spent hours sitting in that room and stewing about how awful the trim looks.

The kittens are still in the guest bedroom for today – once the door to the room and the trim were painted, I decided to go ahead and paint the closet door as well. It actually looks pretty good, but it’s peeling around the bottom of the door. Since I was doing everything else and who knows when I’ll be able to do it again, I wanted to get it done.

Of course, now that THAT trim is done, it makes me want to repaint the trim through the entire house.

Mr. Stripey thinks the ceiling fan is pretty fascinating.

“It just keeps going AROUND!”

“Guys, did you see the ceiling fan?”

“That’s pretty amazing, all right.”

“It’s makin’ me dizzy.”

“Did anyone tell you about the ceiling fan?”

Brudders (Sungold on the left, Mr. Stripey on the right).

Despite the blurriness of the picture, I believe you can feel the sultry seduction of Dingwall Scotty and his white chin whiskers.

Kohle isn’t sure about that ceiling fan.

Seriously, I don’t know what their fascination with the ceiling fan is. There’s a ceiling fan in the upstairs foster room that they never paid any attention to, but they can’t take their eyes off the fan in the guest bedroom.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sugarbutt, checking out the new Rubbermaid “house” in the back yard. You can’t tell from this picture, but Tommy was already in there.

Sugarbutt said “Where ya goin’? There’s plenty of room!”
Tommy said, disgustedly, “It’s not THAT big! I don’t like bein’ squished! HMPH!”


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12-10-12 — 20 Comments

  1. In the summer heat when the ceiling fan is on most of the time, the foster kittens here don’t notice it all that much. But in the colder months when I accidentally flip that switch, the kittens are AMAZED (amazed, I tell you!) at the movement up above. (They really are… just ask Comet)

    They’re really not that much different than human babies. My own son spent the better part of a month being entertained by a ceiling fan as an infant before graduating to clapping on the Wheel of Fortune. 😉

  2. Awwww here’s hoping the Weeds and the Pickles find forever homes asap! Oh the new fosters are just lovely! take care

  3. Everyone sing: “The blades on the fan go ’round and ’round…” lather, rinse, repeat.

  4. I have a Devon who is enthralled with all of our three ceiling fans, be they on or off. She has taken to jumping from the dresser onto one of our shoulders just so she can be closer to the ceiling fan (or mountain-climbing her way up to the shoulder, which we are less fond of). It’s such a weird compulsory behavior that we’ve taken to referring to the fans as “Boyfriend”; like “What’s up with the TinyCat?” “Oh, she’s giving boyfriend the eyes.”

    Also, I can not believe Mr. Magoo hasn’t been snatched up already; he is an awesome little cat.

  5. I received your holiday card. LOVE IT! Thank you!
    I was wondering if the outdoor kitties come in to potty. Weird question, but I’m curious. 😀

  6. I LOVE the orange tabbies (I know, shocking, right? Like I’ve never mentioned that! lol) today was a three-fer!! Mr. Stripey(Pants), Sungold, annnnnnnd Sugarbutt! And all on a Monday! Bless you!

    Yes, (not that it matters) I have an affinity for orange tabbies, second only to my affinity for Tuxedos. My most favorite cat EVER was my big hunk of lovin male tuxedo, Romeo. He was ‘famous’ on the internet as the cat of the day way back in 2009 and featured his Christmas best… http://catoftheday.com/archive/2009/December/30.html. Sadly, I lost him the following Spring (2010). He was beautiful and THE BEST and I miss him every day! His picture will melt your heart! (As you can see by his story on the website, I, too, was a foster mom and LOVED it. Was scared when they were sick, was elated when they accomplished new things, was sad when they went away, but was happy when they found new homes.) Again and again, thank you, Robyn, for all you do!

    • I love tuxedoes too! My beloved tuxedo (my first-ever cat–she was with me for 17-1/2 years) died in June — Wednesday will be exactly six months. I still cry when I think about her and how much I miss her. Don’t think any cat could ever take her place.

  7. Awww, I can’t wait to get my card, Robyn. I’m amazed that you do this. I can’t even get cards out to just my friends and family, never mind blog fans (not that I have any… but you know what I mean).

    BTW, it was so late in the day on Friday when I got around to reading that day’s post that I thought it was pointless to comment then on the fact that I was SO thrilled to see my comment from earlier last week show up on as one of the featured comments. It was sort of like getting asked to sit at the popular girls’ lunch table back in high school!

    And I was even more thrilled to see that someone actually bought that cat pendant.

    As for that BradsDeals site — yeah, isn’t it amazing? Think of all the money you can save buying things you never knew you needed/wanted! Haha.

    Here’s another great site for bargain hunters like me: http://1saleaday.com/main/ The stuff selling on the “Flash” tab all are “free shipping.” I’ve gotten some great Lock-and-lock sets from them for way less than the Amazon price, which is my other go-to place for good deals. (Again, I’m not connected in any way to this site either. Just love sharing great money-saving tips).

    OK, ’nuff about that. I know, this is a cat site, not a shopping advice site. Can’t believe how big Sungold and Mr. Stripey are now…And the rubber tote pics are just hilarious: the first of a cat butt going in, and the second of a cat head coming out.

  8. I can feel the rays of seduction coming right through the computer from Dingwall Scotty. How I love that boy.

  9. Going through some serious Purslane withdrawals. Please don’t make me go back into the archives.

  10. Sorry there was nothing much to report on for the weekend Robyn. My report is nicely pretty uneventful too. We put up the tree on Saturday (yes-fake). The whole event takes a few days because we put up the outside lights and the tree inside one day. Then we let the tree rest and put the lights up the next day and the ornaments the day after that. Of course other priorities like school concerts take precedent so sometimes it can actually take a week! But Oreo, was happy to just nibble on the tree a bit rather than climb into it and discuss lack of decorations. So, we’ll see what happens the rest of the week.

  11. My Simon would ignore the ceiling fans for weeks, then notice them. They made him very nervous – sometimes he would even kind of duck his head while looking up at them. It was absolutely hilarious!