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We moved the ‘Maters and Kohle back to the foster room (from the guest bedroom where they were staying while I painted the trim and door in the foster room) last night, and they weren’t sure what to think. They sniffed around wildly for a while, and then decided it was okay, this strange room where (they seemed to think) they’d never been before. Silly boys.

Sungold, carrying a Kitty Boinks around (they’re like small mesh straws. The one he’s carrying around has been around for a while, so it’s shredded at both ends. Which seems to make them love it even more!)

I don’t know how exactly they’re doing it, but they love to flip that scratcher upside down. I set it right-side up every time I go in, and the next time I walk into the room, it’s upside down.

“What? Is FUN!”

I tied a toy to the bungee cord hanging from the closet door, and Dingwallace and Kohle thought it was AWESOME.

Mr. Stripey was impressed, too.

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I posted this video a few months ago, but I ran across it over the weekend and it made me smile. Here’s Sungold back in August, making sure his brothers know that the toy he’s carrying around is HIS. (He’s a little more relaxed about sharing now that he’s a little older.)

YouTube link.


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Jake would like y’all to know that his loons continue to be in tune.


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12-11-12 — 19 Comments

  1. Beautiful babies…

    OK. So, is it me just being blonde, or did you change that first photograph (upper left corner) on your banner? Did I just completely not notice before now?

    *hanging head in shame*

  2. I’m getting the “Corbie and the raccoon” video instead of Sungold.

    Henry used to constantly flip that scratcher too. I started leaving it upside-down to see what he would do. He flipped it back right-side-up.

    How crazy would it be if Jake’s loons were not in tune? I don’t think the world is ready for Jake’s untuned loons.

    • I’m going to blame it on YouTube. 🙂 The video should be the correct one now (and now I’m going to go add the direct YouTube link under the embedded link, now that I’ve thought of it!)

      I think you’re right, the world isn’t ready for Loonageddon.

  3. Dingwall Scotty is so gorgeous. Reminds me of ‘Blacky’ – named by my 8-y.o. son. Blacky has crossed the Bridge, but she was a gorgeous 15 lb. with markings very similar to Dingwall. I miss her so much. Just wish I was closer to you. 🙁

  4. Got our card yesterday. Laughed ourselves sick. I will not give away what is on it but sooooo funny. Brilliant photo.
    I was at our humane society last week. There seemed to be a lot of black kitties there. I wonder if it is a function of not adopting out black kitties at Halloween or if there is a boom in black kitties this year. I want a black kitty very much but 4 kitties would put us over the top, or so says the Scrooge I live with.

  5. I love the new color of the cats’ room! My mother’s bedroom in the old house used to be about that color. If I ever live where I can paint my rooms again, I hope my bedroom will be some shade of purple. It has always been my favorite color.