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Gracie is a good watchdog. She keeps an eye on everything. While George is off snoozing under the coop, Gracie makes sure that all is as it should be in the back forty.

(When she’s not snoozing under the coop with George, that is.)

2011-12-11 (1)
First, she goes for a run.

2011-12-11 (2)
Gotta keep warmed up in case she has to chase off a predator or chase down a snack.

2011-12-11 (3)
Stopping to keep an eye on the chickens.

2011-12-11 (4)
Doesn’t she look like something has amused her?

2011-12-11 (5)
“Am keeping an eye on you, lady.”

2011-12-11 (6)

2011-12-11 (7)
Laughing at her own joke.

2011-12-11 (8)
Pretty, pretty girl.

2011-12-11 (9)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-12-11 (10)
On the cat tree in the foster room (before the new guys took it over).

2011-12-11 (11)

2011-12-11 (12)

2011-12-11 (13)
Patty pouts because she can’t go into the foster room.

Patty and Charlie are NOT sure what’s going on in that foster room, but they know they don’t care for the fact that they can’t get in there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In case you missed it yesterday, I went back to post that the new guys, despite Clay, Tig and Opie’s lack of tail, seem to be A-OK. Many of us remember sweet Jerry Lee Pickett over at Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. Sometimes cats with little or no tail suffer have nerve issues in their back ends. These guys are getting around just fine and they’re all using the litter box with no problems.

I also went back and added that the new guys are named after characters from the TV series Sons of Anarchy, and they’ll collectively be known as the Sons.

(Perhaps someday I’ll get the hang of that whole proofreading thing. Probably won’t be today, though.)

2011-12-11 (14)
A baleful look from Opie.

2011-12-11 (15)
Jax and Clay, under the little bed.

2011-12-11 (16)
It probably comes as a surprise to you that kittens love sun.

2011-12-11 (17)
Jax is so gorgeous.

2011-12-11 (18)
Tig and Opie under the scratcher.

2011-12-11 (19)

The Sons are starting to come around. At least now when we walk into the room, they don’t run and hide. They still cringe away from us when we reach for them, but that’ll go away in time, I suspect.

The boldest of the four is Clay. He acts like he doesn’t want us to touch him, but once we start petting him, he’s like “Okay, ya got me!” and flops over onto his side. Clay’s the one with the little nub of a tail, and he actually wags it when he gets excited and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the death of me because SO CUTE.

Oh, and someone asked if their lack of tails affect their balance. The answer, as far as I can tell, is not at all. It would be one thing if they were born with tails and then had to have them removed for one reason or another – in such a case, they’d have to adjust to the sudden lack of the tail that they’d always used to balance themselves – but these guys were born this way, so it’s all they’ve known. And it doesn’t slow them down in the slightest!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-12-11 (20)
Why so stressed, Suggie?


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12-11-11 — 8 Comments

  1. Sooo glad the Sons are ok. They are adorable! and I see your forcing those poor cats to share a bed again..and poor Patty on that horrble rough carpet with no toys.:)

    • I agree! Robyn is forcing that poor wee kitten to get up, move a foot or so and reach into a box just to get a toy!! It’s kitten abuse I tell you!!!


  2. jerry lee!! he was the firs thing i thot of when you posted about the new dudes. that story still makes me cry – i’m glad the new guys are bouncy and happy!!!!!

  3. OMG – so cute. I almost missed it. I forgot your Xmas gift to your adoring fans was daily posts. Poor Patty and Chuckles – they’re not the baaaaaabies anymore!

  4. The new kids are so adorable!! Jax is indeed gorgeous… although I have a terrible soft spot for tuxies, so I’m very excited about the black and white babies too!! I mean, just look at Tig and Opie under the scratcher… SO CUTE!

  5. Aww, little Jerry Lee Pickett…I wasn’t a blog reader when he’s story happened but even reading about him years after made me cry. I, too, thought of him when you said these guys had no tails. fingers crossed they continue hale and hearty and strong. Gracie is a good girl, keepin’ an eye on her farm when George is sleeping. such happy doggies. and the Sons are adorable. I feel a particular weakness for little Opie, and little Clay…and Tig is pretty cute…aw, Jax, i don’t wanna leave any of them out! Man, i could squish them all till they pop! metaphorically speaking…of course…:)

  6. I *vehemently* approve of you naming kittens after fictional bikers. Chibs would also be a nice name for a kitten or a cat.