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Meet the new guys!

Jax, Clay, Tig and Opie.

They’re eight weeks old and a bit shy, but they’re already starting to come around, especially when Fred waves a feather teaser at them.

Their story is that they were born to a momma who’d had at least one litter. They were living on the porch of a woman’s trailer, and she was overwhelmed and asked Challenger’s House for help. Since I’d sent the shelter manager a “my foster room is empty, GIVE ME KITTENS” earlier in the week, she asked if I wanted them. Did I? Of course I did!

(The woman who owns the momma cat will likely have her spayed through SNAP.)

They’re in good shape so far (of course, ask me in another couple of days, which is when the diarrhea usually hits!), and like I said, they’re nervous, but interested in playing.

Edited to add: They’re named after characters from the series Sons of Anarchy, and they’re all boys. We’re calling them the Sons collectively!

2011-12-10 (1)
Tig likes the covered bed.

2011-12-10 (2)
Clay’s wondering what’s going on over THERE? (Jax behind him.)

2011-12-10 (3)
Opie, keeping an eye on me.

2011-12-10 (4)
Jax is such a gorgeous boy.

2011-12-10 (5)
“What’s she doin’?”
“I dunno.”

2011-12-10 (7)
Tig and Opie, hanging out under the scratcher.

Oh, and one note of interest: Clay, Tig and Opie (the tuxies) don’t have tails! Jax has a regular tail and Clay has a tiny little nubbin of a tail, but Tig and Opie don’t have tails at all.

Edited to add: Also, despite their lack of tails, they seem to be using the litter box and getting around just fine. Some cats born with little or no tails have nerve issues in their back ends. It’s possible that an issue will present itself with one or more of these three, but at this point they seem to be okay and don’t have any problems climbing up the cat tree in the foster room.

2011-12-10 (6)
Opie shows off his lack of a tail.

On another note, Sally, Lucy, Harlan, and Everett are still at Petsmart waiting for their forever homes. If they’re there too much longer – another week and a half, they’ll have been there a month – I’ll probably see about taking Charlie and Patty down and replacing Harlan and Sally, keep Harlan and Sally here for a couple of weeks to give them a break, and then switch them out with Lucy and Everett, and repeat as needed.

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Now, for some Crooked Acres profanity. Apparently herding the ducks out to the pond makes us feel the need to swear. It’s a short video, and I’m really posting it more for the sound than the video, but there are some flashes of the ducks.

We’ve watched this video about 20 times and laugh and laugh every time. Who says we can’t amuse ourselves?

WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE. (We have potty mouths.)

YouTube link

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2011-12-10 (9)

2011-12-10 (8)
As long as you guys are comfortable. But there ARE two empty beds on the other side of the desk!


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12-10-11 — 16 Comments

  1. Are they all going to be allright? The new litter that is other kittens ive seen online with no tail have had severe internal problems, these little ones are a very pretty bunch! hope all goes well, they may just have a Manx gene in the mix.

      • Oh fingers crossed that they stay ok! My heart sank a little when I saw no tails for the same reason.

    • I have some manxes and one has just a little button of a tail and he is perfect. Well, there was an issue with a leg and he is a tripod but he is perfect, no intestinal problems. Wait, well, um, I guess him being so spoiled rotten he stinks isn’t an intestinal problem. Bottom line, my Wally MacStumperson has no tail and is okay.

      We will keep our whatevers crossed for the Sons.

    • They’re The Sons (I’m going to go edit the entry and put that in. I spaced on explaining the names, I guess!)

  2. probably Manx or Bobtail gene but with county ferals can be natural Bob cat cross, but those usually are very large kittens (often larger than siblings)brown tabbies and polydactal. But second or third generation can vary, also different tails/no tails are common in mixed litters. If they have huge back leg muscles, ear tuffs and lots of brains, they will need careful (and very strong) correcting, because while natural “PixeBobs” make wonderful pets they get destructive (and painful) pretty quickly, because they get so large and powerful.

  3. Oooooh, new kittens! 😀 *pets them all* And ooh gosh, tuxedo *and* Manx? Awww! Glad to hear they don’t seem to be having any issues related to their lack of tails… I was immediately reminded of the IBKC’s Jerry Lee there, and thought uh-oh.

    Awww, Peppers gang. *pets them, too* Still wishing the best to them all. May wonderful forever homes come along and snatch you all up in a hurry, kittens!

  4. Such exciting news, and I’m looking forward to you and Fred turning these tots into snugglers in no time. Sending all good wishes for their tummies and along to all the Peppers — as well as, as always, the permanent poppets.

  5. awe new babies!! They are so cute (i also have a black/gray tabbie named Jax, well he’s Jaxun with a variety of nicknames)!
    As others have said maybe they are just Manx/Bob mixes — either way, am hoping for the best for them — but they are with you so they are already ahead of the game!