12-10-08 – Lem, Delmar, Marion & Claudette.

2008-12-10 (1)
Claudette enjoys a good head rub.

2008-12-10 (2)

2008-12-10 (3)

2008-12-10 (4)
Delmar always looks so SMUG.

2008-12-10 (5)
Marion and Lem always love to hang out in this cat bed. I think they look like they’re in a little boat on the ocean for some reason.

2008-12-10 (6)
“I just wanted to walk across that lady’s desk and give her a head-butt, but that mean old gray cat with the stumpy tail growled and growled at me and I was SKEERED!”


2007: And to you I say, because I really like Elle (NO we’re not adopting her!) and I have started calling her Ellie Belly and I want to have her around for a little while longer, so shaddup.
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