12-9-08 – Lem, Delmar, Marion & Claudette.

2008-12-09 (1)
Something has amused the fair Marion.

2008-12-09 (2)

2008-12-09 (4)
Delmar’s intent on getting some snuggling.

Delmar is going to make someone the most fabulous lap cat. He’s a snuggler, but he’s not pushy about it. If you’re in the middle of something, he comes up and takes a look at your lap, then shrugs and goes to find somewhere else to hang out. If your lap is empty, though, up he climbs, and he just lays there and purrs and sends out rays of love. All the kittens like to snuggle, but the boys like it the most – and Delmar likes it the very most.

Of our permanent resident cats, the cat who’s surprising me the most lately is Miz Poo. She’s never cared for kittens (I hoped at first that her maternal instincts would kick into gear when faced with tiny kittens, but that’s never been the case.) and has always responded by hissing and smacking them.

These days, unless the kittens are really annoying about getting up in her face, she’s patient with them. I mean, she won’t snuggle with them, and if they keep following her around she’ll smack them, but the hysterical edge to her hissing and smacking is pretty much gone.

I guess she’s mellowing in her old age.

2008-12-09 (6)
Lem and Claudette welcome Miz Poo to my bedroom. Miz Poo’s all “Yeah? This is MY territory, runt!”

2008-12-09 (5)
Keeping an eye on the brats. (Miz Poo can’t believe how much they’ve grown, either!)

2008-12-09 (3)
There was a can of compressed air on my bedside table. Miz Poo knocked it to the floor, then she and Marion sat and stared down at it for a long time. Then Miz Poo smacked Marion upside the head, just because. Marion just gave her a dirty look and came over to me for some love. The kittens are unfazed by the smackings of the older cats, thank goodness.


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