12-8-08 – Lem, Delmar, Marion & Claudette.

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2008-12-08 (2)
Lem and Marion tend to King Delmar.

2008-12-08 (3)
Something has disturbed the Delmar.

2008-12-08 (4)
Marion keeps an eye on the goings-on.

2008-12-08 (5)
These kittens are all such love bugs.

2008-12-08 (6)
Lem, being the happy little monkey that he is.

Shelley asked in the comments the other day how much longer this bunch would be around. It’s just a matter of there being room at the pet store, so Delmar and Lem may end up going to the pet store at any time. The boys are going to go first just because the girls are a little more skittish and I think they’ll benefit from a little more one-on-one time with me. As it is now, when I go upstairs the boys kind of hog all the attention, push the girls out of the way to get the love and petting, so with them gone the girls may blossom.

Of course, I’ve told the shelter manager that we’re not in any rush for the boys to go, either, so they may be around for a while longer. That’s okay with me!


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12-8-08 – Lem, Delmar, Marion & Claudette. — 1 Comment