12-7-15 Monday

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Adele thinks this window bed is pretty fabulous, especially in the afternoon when the sun shines in. (I think her tail is pretty fabulous!)

She likes to fall bonelessly onto the floor into a floompy pile of floof and roll around ’til you rub her belly.

Sweet girl.


Oh, the EAR FLOOF and the EYES and the BUNNY PAWS. Couldn’t you just eat her up?

She is doing just fine. She’s confined to the upstairs for the time being (I don’t expect that to last much longer), but I did let Dennis upstairs to keep her company. That girl does NOT like being alone, and though her voice is not piercing, when she sits at the bottom of the stairs and meows, it can get pretty loud. She would prefer that a human keep her company, but another cat will do. She and Dennis spent most of Friday on Fred’s bed – not touching, not really even acknowledging each other, just snoozing the day away.


Archie gives me the eyes of “Tryin’ to nap here, lady.”


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12-7-15 Monday — 20 Comments

  1. Adele is not going to last long. That pretty doll is gonna get snatched up the moment she is spayed and ready to go.

    • She’s spayed! We’re just waiting out the time so she can have her last vaccination. I bet she’ll get snapped up, for sure!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I got my Crooked Acres Christmas card on Saturday. I LOVE it! Thank you so much for all you (and Fred!) do for the kitties. Wishing you, Fred and the entire Crooked Acres gang a very merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

  3. I’m hoping that Dennis and Adele will nonchalantly move closer and closer together over the next little while.

  4. Oh my goodness a cat that pretty and lovey will find a home in a hurry. What a dollbaby 🙂

  5. Oh dear, has Fred fallen for Adele? Alice will NOT be pleased. Like she needed a reason to hate this newcomer.

    And Archie needs to suck it up. If a few pictures is the worst part of his day, he can deal.

  6. Sweet, sweet Adele! She is going to make someone very happy right outta the gate. That’s so awesome!

    Please give Archikins a smooch for me, right on that fuzzy forehead of his. In fact, now that I think about it, please do the same to every kitteh in the house… and those outside, too! This task may take you a while but I know I can trust you to complete it. 😀

  7. That Adele is simply gorgeous! If only Colorado weren’t so far from Alabama… actually, it’s probably good it is, as I’m sure Holly wouldn’t take kindly to another floofy princess in the house!

    Aren’t you just a teeny-weeny bit tempted to keep her? 🙂

    • I’m always tempted to keep all of them, of course! But she’s so pretty and floofy and friendly and sweet and playful that I’m not worried about her people finding her fairly quickly. It’s the ones who sit at Petsmart for a long, long time that break my heart!

  8. Floompy, lol. That’s my new favourite verb for my guys. “Hey Malcolm! Thanks for floomping right behind me while I was making my lunch for work this morning! Don’t know how I would have started my Monday without a good floomp on my a$s. Thanks dude!”

    Could it be that Dennis secretly has a crush on the lovely, sweet Adele, and is just playing it cool? I am.so.jealous of her eye makeup.

    • He very well might have a crush. I think he’s intimidated, though – she wants to play, and he’s not sure about that. I think Stefan might be a better match for her. (Actually, Alice is a very playful girl, but I never see her playing with another cat. If she plays with Adele, that would be awesome!)