12-8-15 Tuesday

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Oh, that tail! That floof!

Adele was fascinated by the dog-hair “cat toy.”

The cat on the bag of cat food is all “That is a FABULOUS tail. I wish MY tail was that fabulous!”

Her eyes just kill me.

“What, lady? What you want?”

I love how this picture is basically the exact same picture as the previous one, except that her tail has floomped over to the other side so you can’t see it. Have I mentioned what a sweetheart this girl is? She SO is! She would make someone a perfect Christmas present, is what I think.


I would like Dennis to be friends with Adele, but I think she scares him a little.

So he’ll hang out with her for a little while, but then he demands to come downstairs and hang out on my desk. Which I am NOT complaining about!


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12-8-15 Tuesday — 23 Comments

  1. Adele intimidates Dennis because he doesn’t know how to act around such a pretty girl. She gets him all tongue-tied. You know….”cat’s got his tongue.” So, true to little boy form, he probably punches her first, then runs away. 🙂

    I sooo wish she could be MINE. Have I mentioned that in previous comments?

    • That’s exactly what I thought! She’s do pretty that Dennis doesn’t know what to do! Because she is absolutely gorgeous!

    • I agree! Dennis is the shy boy who is flabbergasted by the outgoing girl who flirts with him! So adorable!

  2. Oh, Robyn, you know Adele should be the present under your tree! I don’t have any idea how you could resist that gorgeous girl!

  3. Adele is just gorgeous. If only I could bring her to my house. But alas were are full up – according to my Grinch of a husband. He thinks 4 cats is enough. Bah Humbug.

  4. I do not know the Houston area. But I follow an organization in the Dallas area that may be able to help or provide the name of a Houston organization. http://www.texascares.org Phone: (972) 633-CATS
    When the time comes that I am ready for a new cat, I will contact these folks, I met them at a Cat Cafe a few months ago.

      • Good luck. I can’t take her in, but would be willing to do a transport to Dallas if necessary (I am off work the week of Christmas). She is lovely – I have a weakness for tuxedo and cow-kitties.

        • Thank you Linda!!! We could probably meet you part of the way. I’m off part of the week too, I have a weakness for Tuxedos as well, we my very well end up keeping her, BUT I have a lot of convincing to do.

  5. Two beautiful Adeles in a day is a joy. When both find homes, that joy will increase by a giant multiple. Thanks for focusing on your Adele, Robyn, and on this lovely Texan. And young Dennis seems to be enjoying the best feline and human company going.

  6. I think Adele should become the internet’s ” most photogenic cat in the world !!!!” Those eyes are absolutely mesmerizing !!!!!

    Poor Dennis ……. perhaps he needs a little pep talk on how not to be intimidated by her beauty. After all he is a most handsome boy !!!!!!!!!

    • I’ll have to look some more. There’s such an over abundance of cats and dogs in this area, it’s so sad

  7. What wondrous butterscotch eyes Adele has! What a pretty coat! I suspect she won’t be up for adoption long.

  8. We have an agency in our area that uses foster families. We do foster, but do not have the room at this time for another one. I would contact Twyla’s Friends at (832) 488-7937.

    • Actually, my daughter just pointed out that Twyla’s is for canine’s only. I honestly didn’t remember that. Sorry and hope that you can find a foster for him soon!