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Last Thursday, I covered for the morning cleaner at Petsmart. I remembered to take the camera with me, and got a few pictures to share with y’all.

This is Adam. He came out of his cage, climbed into the tower/condo, and sat there looking very pleased with himself. Adam is six years old. He was adopted back in 2011, but returned just a few months later when his guardian passed away. He is a total sweetheart.

This is Trick. Trick is five years old. He was actually Terry’s adopted brother, and they were both returned in November due to their guardian moving. Trick is a sweet little lovebug.

Sparkle will have none of your shenanigans. Isn’t she a gorgeous girl?

She’s a sassy, playful little thing – unfortunately, at some point in her past someone taught her that hands are playthings, so if you reach in and try to pet her, she’ll grab and bunny-kick your hand. But if you reach in and pick her up, she’s fine.

Trick. Such a little ball of stress.

I love the freckles on his nose.

Old lady Tadpole. She’s 11 years old! She was adopted in 2003 when she was a kitten, but returned 5 years later because she didn’t get along with the family’s dog. She was adopted out again in 2010, but they returned her after a year because they thought she wasn’t happy. She does have a very serious looking face, but she purrs and loves to be petted, so she might not look happy, but she seems to think she is!

Tadpole always goes over to the door and sits there. Obviously she knows what a door is and how it works, and she’s impatient for her forever family to come along!

She’s pretty much over Trick’s shenanigans, though.

Silly boy.

Adam, keeping an eye on things.


TC likes to keep the toes clean.

VERY clean.

Gorgeous girl.

I was wearing a pink shirt when I took this picture, and the sun was shining on it, which is why he looks reddish in this picture.

Molly thinks about kicking that mouse’s tail.

Jethro, going after the feather teaser.

While TC looks on.

Sweet boy.

Lizzy is adapting well. For the first couple of days, she spent all her time curled up and sleeping. She only hissed at me the first day – after that, when I’d reach out to pet her, she’d cringe a little, but allow it. She’s already purring when we pet her.

She growls at the other kittens – and they growl in return – if they get too close.

Saturday, I was sitting in the room petting and talking and playing with the kittens, and to my amazement, Molly climbed into my lap and let me pet her. That’s the first time that’s happened, and I was busy being thrilled by that, when I looked over to see that Lizzy had come down out of the cat tree and was batting at a toy. AND THEN Molly got out of my lap, walked around behind me for a little while. Then she got back INTO my lap and let me pet her some more. And she purred the entire time!

I was very very pleased. I was even more pleased that night, when I looked into the room via the camera, and saw that Lizzy was playing very close to where Jethro and TC were wrestling. I would like it a lot if she’d make friends with the other kittens. She needs another kitten to snuggle with! (Well, maybe she doesn’t need it, but I want it for her!)


The other day, Fred was making a ham sandwich for dinner. Alice always knows the instant a package of ham has been opened, and she gets so vocal about it that every other cat within earshot comes running, too.

The open mouth kills me dead.

Jake looks especially loony here.

Fred held out a piece of ham for Jake, and Jake reached up and grabbed it with his paw. That boy loves ham almost as much as Alice does.

YouTube link.


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12-8-14 — 29 Comments

  1. I do not and will not ever understand having an animal for so long then giving it back. And as a cat person, why not give the dog back and keep the kitty? My 17 give me fits on a daily basis and I routinely threaten to take them all to the shelter, but one cute look or a goofy move and it’s kisses all around!

    • I have to agree. And to give a cat back because they “thought she was unhappy”. I’m not sure how you determine that. Most cats are quite content to be in a home where they are fed & have a place to sleep… so unless there was something obviously/actively making them unhappy such as another cat/dog/children/whatever, how is that even a reason? I’ve had cats who scrapped for years if they somehow got to close to each other and, yes, it was frustrating but now that they are both older, I actually find them sleeping next to each other often and I can’t tell you how rewarding that is.

      BUT, having said that, I really do appreciate it when they return them to the originating shelter instead of just dumping them somewhere. I’m thankful shelters take them back, usually without many questions asked, because there’s no point in trying to convince someone to keep a pet they’ve decided they don’t want anymore. It’s best to just take them in & hope another person/family comes along who will be as committed as we all want them to be. 🙂

    • I am with you. The long term adoptees that are returned just puzzle me to no end when there is some odd reason. The thought of giving up any of my gang would paralyze me. I just could not do it. Nope.

  2. I don’t know if it’s just the lighting but Trick is a beautiful shade of red.

    I think I just fell in love with Tadpole. I have a soft spot for the older kitties. Plus, her name is adorable.

    I giggled at Alice’s t-rex pose for the ham, and that last pic in which she looks so smug & happy with herself. Though, I’m sure she was not pleased that she inadvertently alerted the other cats to the ham situation and had to share lol

    • I love the senior kitties, too! All of mine are under 5 at this point, which is an experience I haven’t had for a long time, since my last pair were with me for 16 and 21 wonderful years. I hope Tadpole finds a loving home soon that will appreciate her quiet dignity!

  3. Adam, Sparkle, Trick, Tadpole, all of them.

    Really wish that I could take them home. Yeah, I don’t get the whole return concept either but if they’re not a good fit, I’d rather not have them in the wrong homes.

    I thought Alice was the only ham hog, apparently not.

  4. I *try* to be understanding about returning cats, for a couple reasons. One, there are many worse things they could do (kick them outside, move away and leave them, dump them out in the country somewhere, go to the vet and demand that they be put down…). Two, if they take them back to the adopting organization, at least they can give some information about the cat that might help to make the next adoption a better fit.

    But yes, part of me still wants to thump them on their heads!

      • Me too, or a tongue lashing. Some people are so self-absorbed, they need to know that what they do is NOT okay. Well, maybe they don’t need to know that, but I need to tell them.

    • they also lie. It might be they said the cat doesn’t look happy, but there very well could be additional life circumstances that they didn’t want to share..

  5. I was at the shelter when Trick came back and he came out of the carrier into my lap. First look at his face I thought of Stompers. Trick is a super sweet guy. Loves being held. I adore those freckles, too!

  6. I got to visit with Winn and Von last night. Those are some happy, energetic, leaping beautiful kitties and they are in a great home. The new Mommy and Daddy love them to death and they have a puppy to kick around. I sent photos to Robyn to share.

  7. Tadpole reminds me of my Vinnie, who came to live with me when he was 16 (his owner passed away). He looked like a grumpy old man, but he was really a lover boy, once he got over being terrified. I sure hope Tadpole finds a forever home, where they understand that cats don’t have a lot of control over their facial expressions!

  8. I have to say that every time (which is all the time) I play the “Alice Mo” button, I hate myself. Is this a form of self-punishment?

    • No…I think Robyn has us trained…like a rat pushing a button to get a nugget of cheese. We are but rats in a cage…. HAHAHHAHAHA

  9. I’m calling bullshit on the “brought her back because she looked sad” excuse. Some cats have that sort of expression, one of mine does. And you know what, it means nothing other than she’s so cute I want to squeeze the stuffing out of her when she looks at me like that. And she sleeps by my pillow every night so I seriously doubt she’s unhappy. I’m guessing Tadpole is a fantastic cat that would give anything to be in a good home where she could be loved and appreciated.

    • Is Trick playing a trick to trick us into thinking he has a small head via trick photography?

      (How many times can you say trick in one sentence? 🙂

  10. Poor Tadpole. I think she just has a touch of world-weariness about her. I hope that all of these adorable adults find their forever home soon.

  11. I never thought people should take back a cat because they don’t ‘fit.’ I just wish I had a house big enough for all the kittehs that you mentioned that were returned. Please give them a big hug and kiss for me the next time you see them. 🙂

  12. “She was adopted as a kitten in 2003 but was returned in 2008 because she never got used to the family’s little dogs. It apparently took 5 years for the people to figure it out ”

    I especially like the remark on her adoption page. 5 years for them to say oh the kitten doesn’t like the dogs? just an excuse probably 🙁