12-8-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies.

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We have hit the point in time (and it happens with every litter, no matter how old they are, no matter how many of them there are) where I can’t do anything without having to shuffle along for fear of stepping on a cat. If I’m doing something in the kitchen, they sit there and scream at me about how they’re starving to death. Orange, the hungriest of the hungries (which makes it ironic that she’s the lightest of the Cookies – she’s at just under two pounds; Hydrox, on the other hand, is now three pounds. He’s going to hit double digits before Orange makes two pounds, I swear!) has learned to climb up me. She gets as far as my waist, and then she hangs there, howling angrily about her starvation.

Someone’s always growling at someone else. Jake and Elwood don’t understand that Violet and Veruca do not care to have them too close, and some evenings it seems that I hear a hellcat scream from every corner of the house. Those Wonka girls have some LUNGS on them.

The Wonkas have sneezed a few times, but don’t seem to really be developing colds (fingers crossed!). A couple of the Cookies have slight colds, but it’s been a few days, and they don’t seem to be turning into anything too bad. I had thought that I’d get them fixed this week, but it looks like it’ll have to wait ’til next week. Which is probably for the best – that way, Orange can pack on a few more ounces.

The Cookies seem to really like the bigger cats. Jake and Elwood don’t mind when the little ones snuggle up with them.

Of the Wonkas, Mike’s the only one who doesn’t much seem to mind when someone who is NOT of his litter snuggles up with him. The girls will hiss and growl and complain, but if Jake and Elwood are persistent enough, they’ll eventually give in. But they’re not HAPPY about it.

Mike was sleeping in the cat bed on Fred’s desk, when Blue came up to Fred asking for some love. Fred held her for a few minutes, then put her in the bed with Mike. They both sat there for a minute, like “What is THIS happy horsepucky?”….

…and then this happened.

Hydrox will snuggle up with anyone, anywhere, anytime. He’s not picky.

Jake got too close to Gus, and this was the result. Gus is NOT up for snuggling with anyone, anywhere, anyEVER. Unless they’re from his litter. He’s picky about who he snuggles with.

Keebler found yet another stack of cat beds, climbed inside, and declared it good.

Violet and Veruca are all “Do you SEE what we have to put up with?!”

Mike would like to know why Elwood thinks it’s okay to snooze in the foster room. Elwood and Jake LOVE to hang out up there. So does Stinkerbelle, for that matter.

Check out the size of those ears!

Front to back: Veruca, Violet, Mike, Gus, and Miz Poo.

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12-8-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies. — 8 Comments

  1. Oh what a snuggly confusion! And what a heap of cats and kittens! I’m surprised you can still find any free space on the floor to step on …

  2. Oh how cute – and it is so fun to see all the size differences. Boy, Gus has got the frootbat ears, doesn’t he? I love it! I think the big ears are great – I keep rubbing Barney’s hoping they get even bigger, I bet Gus’s are even bigger then Barney’s and he is quite a bit older.

    And I am very aware of the shuffle – especially in the kitchen. We don’t have as many as you of course but any more than one seems to require it.

  3. I’ve had my smile for today. Thank you! I love the picture of Mike, Jake and one of the cookies curled up together and the one of Gus not looking happy.

    Those aren’t ears on Gus, they’re wings!

  4. Your house is my idea of heaven…I love the piles and piles of snuggling kitties that you have 🙂 I only have 3 kitties and our house seems so empty 😉

  5. Oh Gosh ~ so many beautiful and happy kitties to snuggle with…well…except for perhaps Gus! Ha ha ~ how cute is that picture! So enjoyable!