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Von and Winn Dixie!

Auntie Elaine got to go visit with Von and Winn Dixie over the weekend, and she was kind enough to take pictures and video and send them along to share!

Elaine said:

I got to visit with Von and Winn and Skyler and Bailey last night. Oh yeah, Cathy and Bruce were there too!
I got some pretty good pics of Winn but Von was moving so much I could only get a couple of slightly blurry shots of her. Then she settled in for a nap on Daddy’s lap and tucked her head in so I could not get good shots.

I brought over that playground you can see in some of the pictures. They played with that but the highlight of the night was chasing the sparkly glitter bell on a stick thing that Daddy was shaking around. These girls can LEAP. I mean seriously LEAPPPPPP. They were landing on top of each other, Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Elaine, Skyler… It was pretty amazing. They seem very happy in their new home and all is well. They are letting Skyler know who is boss. Skyler is just happy to run around and give kisses, and some more kisses, and then some more kisses. They are going to have such fun growing up together with their older cousin Bailey watching and teaching.

Cathy said several times that these girls are so good and that you did such a great job with them. She said you gave them a little piece of their blankets to take with them and that they nurse on the blankets at night. Their leaping was unbelievable. They were well over 3 feet in the air going for the stick toy. And they landed on everything. I forgot to mention that they have learned how to turn on and off the touch type faucet in the kitchen. Pretty funny. They are so happy Robyn. They get along just fine with the dog who does not know his right from his left. He is a goof and it will be so fun to watch then grow up together.

And here’s a video! Those girls can certainly LEAP, can’t they?

YouTube link.

Thank you so much for the great pictures and video, Elaine! I loved seeing those sweet, gorgeous, floofy girls again!



I also got an email from Lilly, who adopted Sherman (formerly Trader Joe), and I thought that would round out today’s post quite nicely. And then I remembered that I had never posted the pictures of Sherman and his big brudder Charlie, which Lilly shared on Facebook last week. I don’t know how I forgot!

Lilly said:

He continues to be ADORABLE, of course! He and Charlie both think that Charlie is his Mama Cat πŸ™‚ My big boy Charlie has great motherly instincts…who’da thunk!? The girls aren’t exactly warming up to him…but they are getting more used to him being around. I think they’ve resigned themselves to the fact that he isn’t going anywhere!

Sherman has two favorite feather teasers right now. One is short because the bendy end broke off the stick end. The other one is a still intact feather teaser. He is SO CUTE and FUNNY with them! He carries them around in his mouth and feels very important and proud about it πŸ™‚ When he carries the long one around, Charlie chases the other end that is dragging behind Sherman. It’s as cute and as hilarious as you’re imagining. Sherm also loooves to play fetch with them when we’re in bed. We play with them and he attacks them and then I throw them off the bed and he fetches them and brings them right back! He also likes to stash them under the pillows and covers for safe keeping.

He did have to be introduced to the squirt bottle recently because 1) the curtains are SO FUN AND EXCITING to climb and 2) my cell phone charger has a particularly DELIGHTFUL texture for chewing! Thankfully he forgives quickly πŸ™‚

I love him more every day! If only he’d share some of that energy…

Don’t you just love it SO VERY MUCH that Sherman and Charlie have become such good friends, so fast? LOVE. IT!

Thanks for the pictures and the update, Lilly. You know we love that sweet boy.


So, Sunday night I peeked in on the kittens via the camera, and to my amazement, I saw THIS.

I had to go back a little ways to figure out how it was that TC and Lizzy were sharing a bed, since earlier in the day they’d been hissing halfheartedly at each other. It turned out that Lizzy was sleeping on that bed, and TC was on the doll bed about a foot away. He got up, stretched, walked over to the bed where Lizzy was sleeping, and sat down. They looked at each other for a minute, then he curled up and went to sleep and she did too. No drama!

As of yesterday morning, only Molly was still growling at Lizzy. By the afternoon, she’d apparently decided to stop that nonsense. I was sitting on the floor of the kitten room in the late afternoon, petting Jethro and TC (who were sitting in my lap) and Molly (who was laying on the doll bed), and Lizzy came down out of the cat tree and stretched. Then she walked through the six-inch gap between my leg and the doll bed. I reached out to pet her, and she skittered away, then ran off toward the cat tree. She did this three times, and then on the fourth trip through, she decided to give up and let me pet her. She stood there and I petted her and petted her. Then she sat down with her paw on my leg and let me pet her some more. Honestly, if Jethro hadn’t already been in my lap, I’m pretty sure she would have climbed right in.


I have to say that she’s not very good at being feral. Given how hard it was for Winnie and Kathie to get hold of her, I expected weeks and weeks of hard work. I’m afraid we’re going to have to take her feral badge away and report her to the authorities for being a big ol’ faker.

These boys cannot resist a feather teaser. Especially Jethro, who is quite the little leaper.

“What doin’, weird lady?”

“I see you.”

“Hello, gorgeous.”


“It follows me EVERYWHERE. Do I need to take out a restraining order or something?”

Deep thinkin’.

“I yam SO feral, lady! See? Hiss. Growl. When’s supper?”

“A terrifying feral: that’s me!”


Corbie and the belly rubs. He gets so happy that he reaches up and kneads on Fred’s hand.

Then he grabs Fred’s hand and says “What are you WAITING for? Rub da belleh!”


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12-9-14 — 24 Comments

  1. Big ol’ faker Lizzy is beautiful. Who am I kidding? Hubby reminds me that I think all kitties are beautiful. But I do have a special love for torties.

  2. I have decided to take a TNR’d kitty under my wing and take care of her. She now has a collar and tag (with my phone number) and I have been feeding her. She will get shots etc later. My question is….how do I keep opossums out of her food dish? (And the neighbor’s cat is gonna get really fat, too!)

    • Honestly, that’s an answer I haven’t come up with yet (as evidenced by the fat possum who regularly eats out of the dish on our side porch. He has wonderfully glossy fur, thanks to the cat food!), but I’ll post your question in Friday’s post. Maybe someone will have a good idea!

  3. Hahaha, omg, so many huge smiles today because of this post I think my face just cracked!

    The girls (WD & Von) are growing up beautifully but I don’t really think there was any doubt of that.

    SHERM!! God, I love that little guy so much. I think it’s fantastic how he & Charlie are BFFs.

    That pic of Jethro in the KitNipBox? PRICELESS. His face is too adorbs for words. And I love that Lizzy finally just gave in. That’s the best.

    Corbie is so funny in those pictures. His expression clearly says Fred is not doin’ what he’s supposed to in a satisfactory manner and needs clear instruction. “No, like this, rub the belly like THIS.”

  4. love that last picture of Sherman and Charlie – Charlie appears to be all “this is mine kitten and you no be touching him” MOL

    Yep – some of those “feral” kittens just can’t keep up the charade πŸ™‚

  5. Good to see all these cats and kittens safe and warm! Fun to see pictures of them any time!!

  6. I called the 1-800-FLUF-HED number in your 2009 post to order a new ACME Portable FURnace (my current FURnace has grown too big to be portable :)), but they’re out of stock until January 6th. Are there any other companies offering a comparable product that will be in stock for the holiday shopper? (opportunity for shameless plug for shelters everywhere)

  7. Nice! I love seeing the kittehs all get along and get on so well in their forever homes.

    Robyn-since you LOVE doing collages (don’t you-I know I love seeing them), is it possible or too much work to make some with each of the different varieties of kittys you’ve had. Such as a black group featuring TC, Logie, Tricki and the others. A tortie group with Molly, Lizzy, Adrianna.. A white group with Ralph, Trader Joe and well you get the idea.

  8. Love the happy endings all around.

    Charlie’s quite the handsome man himself and I love how he’s all snuggly with Sherman.

    I love how Von and Winn Dixie have really bonded with their new families so quickly and love that they have lots of attention and companions.

    Have to ask though, is that black and white dangling baby toy set-up for them? Or is there an actual baby who seemingly hangs out in the middle of the kitchen floor?

    • That toy is for the kitties. I ordered a couple, one for us, one for Winn and Von, and one for someone else (hmm, I wonder who will get that one??) I ordered it through Lakeside collection at this link: http://www.lakeside.com
      but I don’t see it listed now. You might check back later to see if it is there again. My brats will not touch theirs. You interested?
      I have been to Cathy and Bruce’s house several times and never found a baby rolling around on the kitchen floor…

      • Hmmm? I wonder who the other set is for?

        Yeah, the set-up in front of the fridge made me wonder what was going on.

        Of course now we need a video of some kittens playing with it.

  9. I am truly amazed, and delighted, that Lizzy is coming around so quickly. It worried me greatly that the extra time in the “wild” would make it very difficult to bring her around. of course Mama comes by just to get petted and leaves without eating. Unfortunately her timing of these visits were not conducive to TNR her on those visits, YET.

    • I was really worried about that too, and am VERY happy to see that she’s coming to the conclusion that we humans aren’t so bad much more quickly than her sister did!

      Mama’s not going to make it easy, is she? πŸ™‚

  10. What a fantastic post!

    First of all, Corbie — this is a whole new angle from which to appreciate his gorgeousness. Love that first pic especially, with his sweet, round face and white chinny chin chin.

    And as for all the updates on the happily placed kittens — SO great!!

    And last but not least, such great news on the current babies! Awww, Lizzy πŸ™‚

  11. P.S. Just re-read the 2009 post — so funny!! Oh Robyn, you’re just so clever!! Love it πŸ™‚

  12. My cats have one of those jingle bell feather sticks, and Maisie was going NUTS as I played the video, trying to figure out where it was!

    So good to see Crooked Acres alumni doing so well!

  13. I’m wondering if Von and Winn Dixie’s dog brother is a puppy. If so, he may grow up thinking he’s a cat. πŸ™‚

    Good to see so many updates!

    • Skyler, the puppy, is one week older than Von and Winn Dixie so they are going to grow up together. Skyler is a Yorkie Poo.

  14. Awww, such wonderful updates – thanks! And the little puppy is very cute too.

    Yay for the Lizzy progress. And, oh, Corbielicious!