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We are having internet issues. Hopefully they’ll be resolved today. I expect to be back tomorrow with a real entry, even if I have to drive to McDonald’s and connect to their wi-fi to upload it.

Here’s some cute to tide you over ’til then.

Rhyme, having perused the Godiva catalog, knows EXACTLY what to get his (foster) mom for Christmas! He’s a smart, smart boy.

(Alternately, you could go read my entry from a year ago, if you’re stumped for the perfect holiday gift for that special someone.)


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12-9-10 — 2 Comments

  1. Hope your internet is sorted out soon!

    I’m in the process of trying to catch a stray momma cat with three kittens (not tiny, maybe 8 weeks old). The local cat rescue gave us some Havaheart traps, and we got the mom but no kittens today. We ended up letting her go so that she could tend to her babes overnight. We’ll set them up again tomorrow. I’m worried that she won’t fall for the whole trap thing a second time. The kittens are super skittish, they obviously haven’t been around people. The mom is calmer (she has made imploring eye contact with me through the window) so I think she was someone’s pet at some point. Its been getting down to 15 degrees at night here (!) so I won’t be sleeping well until I know these guys are safe and warm. Any tips on trapping cats would be appreciated.