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Here’s a little back story for y’all. We bought this house in September of 2006. Before we closed on the house, we were here looking around and making plans for what we wanted to do to the inside and to the property. We were walking toward the back door when a little black cat showed up to greet us. She was clearly a momma cat who was still nursing, and after we closed on the house, we’d make sure there was always some food on the front porch for her.

That was Maxi.

We had no idea where she’d come from, so Fred asked the man next door, who pointed us to the lady on his other side. Fred talked to her, and she said that basically the little black cat was a stray, and that she wasn’t sure where she’d come from.

A little while longer, she started showing up with a buff tabby. That was Newt.

Newt wouldn’t let us touch him for a few weeks, and then he’d let us touch him for a moment or two before he skittered off. Maxi continued showing up, still clearly nursing kittens. We wondered where on earth the kittens were, but had no luck finding them.

One afternoon I was upstairs painting one of the rooms, and Fred came in and told me to come with him. I followed him out onto the front porch, and found Maxi, Newt, and four kittens.

Maxi had clearly decided we were trustworthy and brought her kittens around. The kittens were skittish around us, but when we were able to touch them, we grabbed them up and brought them inside.

We (really, Fred) named them Fezzik, Westley, Inigo, and Buttercup (names from The Princess Bride).

We fostered them for a short amount of time. They were fixed and got all their shots, and then went off to Petsmart. Maxi and Newt stayed here.

(The vet told me that she thought Newt was probably Maxi’s from a previous litter. We found out later through the previous owner of this house, that Maxi had belonged to her family. But that when it was time for them to move, they – and I quote – “Couldn’t get hold of her.” I won’t say what I’m thinking – but I believe you can just imagine.)

I tell you all of this to lead you into what happened this weekend (and last night), that will likely surprise a lot of you.

On Saturday, the shelter manager called. She said that she’d just talked to the woman who adopted Inigo (one of the black and white kittens), and she was interested in adopting one of my fosters.

I got a chance to think “Someone’s interested in adopting a Brady ALREADY?” and then she told me. The woman wasn’t interested in adopting a Brady. She was interested in adopting one of my OTHER fosters.

Buster, to be exact.

I was so shocked that I barely heard the other things the shelter manager told me, but I took the woman’s name and number, and hung up. Then I called and left a message for her.

To make a long story short, last night I took Buster to Petsmart to meet with her. I took Rhyme with us, just to give her a choice of a second cat if Buster didn’t strike her fancy.

Buster struck her fancy, all right – and she adopted him! So I left Petsmart with Rhyme, and she stayed and filled out the adoption paperwork.

I don’t doubt that a lot of you are probably very surprised that I was willing to let Buster go. I don’t think I was very secretive about the fact that he’s my favorite Bookworm. He’s gorgeous (well really, all my Bookworms are!), and he’s got a ton of personality, to boot. Fred told me last night that he was really surprised I didn’t suggest that we adopt Buster instead of allowing him to be adopted out.

This is the thing – I love Buster a great deal. But we’ve just got too many cats in this house! I felt it would be more fair to Buster to allow him to go to a good home where he’d be one of two cats and would get lots of attention from his new mom and dad than to insist that he stay here, where – let’s be honest – sometimes the cats get lost in the crowd.

Let’s say I love him enough to let him go, admit that I miss him A LOT, and be happy that at the age of 10 months, someone fell in love with his funny, gorgeous little face and wanted to bring him home.

“Hear that, suckahs? Someone BEGGED to be allowed to adopt me! Obviously someone with good taste!”

Sweet Buster Brown (he’s a clown. He gets around!) yesterday.

Baby Buster.


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  1. Such good news about Buster! Yay! And thanks for the story of Maxi, Newt & co. Let’s hope the other Bookworms and the Bradys find their places!

  2. and what a happy ending for Buster! how was Inigo?
    Years ago I remember meeting a lovely woman who had had a puppy from us several years before (he was called Buster) and she had photos of him on her, he was with a lovely couple who obviuosley adored him and their other pets , so good to know.

  3. Dear little funny face Buster!

    I love the story of Newt and Maxi. I don’t think Newt CAN be Maxi’s boy, genetically speaking (colour wise) it’s not possible. Maxi would have to be a tortie to be able to have a cream boy like Newt. Of course there have been cases of mama cats fostering abandoned babies, that might have happened, but she won’t have birthed him.

    Which makes it all the more interesting, as Maxi’s litter can’t be Newt’s either, (genetically, he may have helped raise them!) as if they were the girls would all be tortoiseshell.

    So whatever ties those two together it’s not a family connection, they just obviously like each other and are companions. How lovely is that? It’s absolutely fascinating me… and they aren’t even my cats!

  4. I kinda teared up a little, I admit. I’m glad for him and for you, but will miss seeing his pictures and hearing about his latest antics. And I can imagine the sorrow of parting on your end.

  5. I don’t know whether to leap with joy or cry! The selfish part of me says “Oh, NOOOOO!” but I do love cats and you are absolutely right about it being best for him. After all; you took them in with this in mind, but after so long, it must be hard for you and Fred; at least you have another cat or ten (or however many) to console you! (Sniff!)

  6. Oh that is such great news that Buster found a new good forever home. We will miss him and we know you will too, but it is just so great that he will be with one of your other former fosters, and it is extra great that he will be in a small cat household. I know he would have gotten tons of love if he stayed with you too, but I think it is great that you loved him enough to let him go! But we will still miss him!

  7. It is possible they couldn’t catch the cat, we nearly had this happen when moving from California to Mississippi when I was a child. But, if my cat were left behind, I’d be calling every so often to see if they showed up so I could either come and get them, have them sent to me or at least make sure they were well loved and adopted into a good home.

    I think you did good by Buster, it must have been very hard, but as someone who often ends up with too many cats myself, I agree they are happier when they don’t get lost in the crowd.

  8. Oh my goodness, go Buster! 🙂 This makes me both warm and fuzzy and a little sad, but mostly warm and fuzzy. And darn it, now I’ll forever be calling him Bolitar ‘Buster’ Montoya in my head. 🙂 I’m another one who thought she was going to take Rime along as well. Oops?

  9. You just loved him enough to think of what he needed over what you wanted. Now you just have to find their address so you can sneak in a hidden camera to take pictures of Buster for you.

  10. Hey Beth,

    I never really thought about it before, but your comment on cat color genetics was quite interesting! It spurred me to read up on the subject on Wikipedia. It is true that Newt can’t be Maxi’s son but he certainly could be her brother. That makes sense since she looks so young in the photos. It doesn’t seem likely that she had a litter before ‘The Brides’ (‘The Princesses’??). Come to think of it, Newt looks really young in the photos, too.

    This kind of thing is what I love about this site. Not only do I get the treat of great photos and fun stories from Robyn, but also interesting comments from her readers. Thanks to you and thanks to Robyn!

  11. That’s wonderful about Buster!
    I have a question about cat genetics: can a tortie have a gray kitten? We adopted 2 from a shelter who were rescued from cat hoarders. These 2 had a special bond, the tortie was only nice to her gray buddy. He has since passed on (a dark day in our family) and we’ve adopted a rescue from the vet. We’ve had her over a year and while they co-exist the tortie still hisses and growls at the young’un. We’ve always wondered what the special bond was but could never tell of course!
    I agree with Doodle Bean-the pictures and stories are fantastic but we also learn from everyone.

  12. OH Robyn!!! Wow!! Thank you for sharing gorgeous Maxi’s and Newt’s stories here and now Buster’s too!! I am just so so so so glad that you and Fred and no one else bought the house where Maxi had her babies were living. Thank the stars and the universe!!!

    Adieu sweet and handsome and charming little Buster!!! Now Buster will be with gorgeous Inigo and they can both reminisce about their time with you!!!!

    How wonderful!! Yay for Inigo’s mum!!!

    Beautiful pics – awww baby Buster!!! Take care

  13. Congrats to Buster! And a huge thank you to you for having the loving heart to let him go. You are awesome!

  14. So happy for Buster. So sad for you and for Rhyme. What will he do without his brudder. A perfect world would bring Buster’s new mom back for him.
    Baby Buster. Oh, so darling!

  15. Yeah for both of you!!!!!!!!!! You are a great mom to all your fosters. And yes I had expected you to adopt Buster.

  16. Great news for Buster. I have to admit that I feel in love with Bolitar online and would have traveled all the way down to AL to adopt him, if it weren’t for my husband’s allergies.

  17. @ Doodle Bean— brother and sister! It might just be! How adorable is that, would just go to show how much better it is for cats to go in sibling pairs (or to already- catty households) because they really do form long and enduring relationships with other cats. They do look like very young cats still don’t they?

    @ Robyn… Actually a confession… I came on here a bit worried that I might have upset you saying that they couldn’t be mother and son. I’ve been worried about it but you know how it is when you post, you can’t UNpost, darn it! If I did I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to be unkind I just find the subject so fascinating I posted before thinking… i’m sorry 🙁 i love this site and read it most days.

    @Ruth O, yes, that’s possible. Daddy cat would have been a tabby himself and could have been brown or grey (if grey kitty was a girl) or brown, grey, marmalade or cream if a boy but he would have passed on the tabby gene and the ‘dilute’ gene as well. I’m sorry your cats don’t get along. Two of mine don’t much like each other, I keep them mostly seperate- it’s a bit of a pain and I wish they would … well, get over it, basically!

    • Beth, you didn’t upset me in the slightest! I find the whole Maxi and Newt situation even more intriguing now – I don’t *think* they can be siblings, because I’m pretty sure the people who owned this house before us brought Maxi home with another cat that they did take with them when they moved. Newt is the only cat that Maxi puts up with and allows in her personal space – maybe he wormed his way into her good graces with his patience, over time. Now I’m off to read about cat genetics myself! 🙂

    • Thanks, Beth, it’s all very interesting. Those two were special buddies, you could see it at the shelter before we brought them home. She’d hiss at anyone but her special friend. Now, the tortie will play with the young’un to a certain extent, and it’s a good thing the younger one is passive and not aggressive, the older girl doesn’t tolerate much. As the Vet’s assistant said, it’s like family, some get along with everybody and others we all just tolerate. Love them both dearly anyway and can’t imagine life without cats. I can’t imagine people abandoning them, but then that’s the whole mentality that makes for overpopulation of cats and dogs and also the overflowing shelters. Locally our county shelter is always full and on the verge of closing. Yesterday the community pulled together and donated about 5,000$ and saved it for another few months…very heartwarming. And all the puppies are now on hold for adoptions!
      Can’t say enough, Thanks to those who foster and are advocates for cats and dogs.
      okay, I’m putting my soapbox away now!

  18. Curiouser and curiouser! Poor Maxi- abandoned, friendless and pregnant/ with kittens… people really do suck… well I’m very glad she had Newt anyway. And you guys! 🙂

  19. well done you for loving hom enough to realise you had to let him go. Kudos! Takes a big woman to step back and put the kitty first. i’d give you a big hug and a handful of tissues. happy life Buster!!! good luck to the rest of the bookworms!