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The cats of Challenger’s House need your help. Please consider a donation in this season of giving to help us continue to provide the cats and kittens we’ve taken in with food, litter, medicine and veterinary care. We currently have 135 cats and kittens at the shelter or in foster homes. You can donate via Paypal (account not required to do so). You can also make a donation over the phone, by mail or in person. All donations are tax deductible We’ll take your donations just about any way possible! Thank you to all of our generous donors past, present and future!

The Paypal link (as well as the address and phone number for Challenger’s House) is at the bottom of their Petfinder page, here. Donations are very much appreciated, especially at this time of year!

I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating – Challenger’s House has a Facebook page now! It’s updated pretty regularly, and everyone should go “like” it if you haven’t already!


Snuggly brudders (Tony and Paulie Walnuts).

Those boys certainly do like feathers. Silvio is the head feather inspector. He personally examines each and every feather that enters the house.

“AH LOVES FEATHERRRRRRS!!!! ::jazzpaws::”

Helpfully assisting Paulie. “No, get your elbow HIGHER.”

Carmela would like you to know that Meadow makes an excellent pillow.

Sweet dreams, Tony.

The moment I decided it was time to get a smaller trash can, one that would fit under the sink and be inaccessible to kittens.

Paulie Walnuts is on display, on display, on display.

Meadow, the circus acrobat shows off her balancing ability.

Yep. Not supposed to be there, boys!

“But is soft and snuggly, so obviously meant for kittehs. CASE CLOSED.”

“You go ‘way now, lady.”

Paulie and Meadow, sound asleep.


Miz Poo is all “‘Sup?”


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12-9-13 — 35 Comments

  1. Thank you soooo much for my Christmas card! I loved it!!!! 🙂

    I have to announce that on Saturday alone, during our Mega Adoption event, we adopted out 61 cats from Animal Control (yes, a kill shelter) (I do not have the doggy count, the total count nor the total cat count for all the rescue organizations there for Fri – Sun). But I volunteered on Saturday so I have that number. So Saturday was truly Caturday! We even adopted out or beautiful 1 eyed girl and our s-w-e-e-t 3 legged girl! They have such great personalities! What a successful weekend!

    The trashcan photo CRACKED me up!!!!

    • What a great adoption Caturday for all involved! That warms my heart on this dreary, wet Monday. 🙂

      • Many congratulations on the Mega Adoption event — this thrilling news led me to ignore the previous years’ links. Gadzooks, I almost missed one of my favorites: 2009: Christmas shopping – I HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU! This one, right down to the small print, is among Robyn’s all-time greats.

  2. “Sweet dreams, Tony” – LOL! And the trashcan photo is gold.

    Robyn, did you make the crocheted blanket that the kittens are not supposed to be sleeping on? I knit and crochet, and my cats love my blankies!

    • I didn’t make that – I got it off Etsy, actually! I would love to be a knitter and crocheter, but I haven’t quite gotten the knack of it (and honestly, I’m not sure I’m up to fighting off the kittens, who would LOVE to get their paws on yarn, I’m sure!)

  3. So I have to ask – did Miz Poo sneeze on you after that photo was taken? She looks like she was saving one up! 😉

    • Miz Poo spends her LIFE sneezing on me. I was far enough away when I took that picture that she wasn’t able to, for once. 🙂

  4. Your moment of realization your need for an hidden trash can is much cuter than mine. Mine includes entering a kitchen full of trash after the dog decided he just couldn’t help himself. The problem is that mine was already hidden in the kitchen cupboard. Someone,(I’m not naming names but I believe his initials are S.I.M.B.A)Someone helped the big dumb dog reach the trash can. So now I am forced to walk all the way to the garage to dispose of my kitchen trash.

  5. I received my card to Liverpool this morning! Thanks! I love it! 🙂 Your handwriting is amazing!

    Any high shelves with anything remotely comfy to sit on/in is cat territory. Plus they look cute, so who can stay mad at that?!

  6. lady – if you don’t want the kittens on the bookshelf, you gotta not store the blankets up there. duh! 🙂

    And HOW do kittens sleep with their noses so close to someone else’s back end?

    • That is an excellent question! (And you have an excellent point – but I’ve got to put them somewhere, and apparently NO place is off-limits to kittens!)

  7. Absolutely love the trash can picture! We had a Siamese that would open cabinet doors 😉

  8. The trash can cracks me up totally. They are all like “what’s smelling so good in here?”

  9. Thanks for the card. Love it. I LOLd at the picture. The trashcan photo is gold. The sleeping with nose on butt is so typical around her (with the cats of course!) and always funny.

  10. Good idea to hide the trash can. A friend of mine had a cat who got into the garbage the night the family had a pot roast and ate the string that had been wrapped around the roast. In the morning there was one end dangling out of her mouth and the other out of her rear end. Her timing was good as it was the day she was to be spayed so the vet just had a little more work to do.

  11. Ah, sweet Miz Poo! The face that always makes my heart go pitter-pat. <3 Also, just wanted to tell you I received your Holiday Card, and it is totes adorbs. Thank you so much! I don't know whether it's you or Fred who writes the message inside, but man, whoever does has the BEST looking handwriting! 😀

    • Awww, thank you! I don’t know the last time Fred signed a Christmas card, it definitely isn’t his handwriting you’re admiring. 😀