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Paulie Walnuts, you are one happy boy. Look at that tail, straight up in the air. I can guarantee he was purring when I took this picture!

Meadow, atop the cat tree in my room (the same one that Jake fought Melfi down from in yesterday’s pictures).

Sweet, sleepy Tony.

Fred reports that every time he leaves his office to get coffee or have breakfast or whatever, he comes back to find Carmela sitting there on his laptop. She looks at him all “What YOU want? I doing important work here. You go ‘way.”

She had important burning questions that she needed to find the answer to, you can see.

Tony’s all ::WHAP::

Carmela always looks so SERIOUS.

Jake trying to decide whether to get his loon on, with an unsuspecting Tony just inches away.

I’m not sure what he was looking at – probably birds. There’s a big boxwood bush out there, and this time of year the birds hang out on and around it.


“He needs to LEARN, lady. I don’t share my scratcher!”

Keeping watch, in case Tony tries to come back and use HER scratcher.

I have a video for you! There’s this thing on the front of the refrigerator, some sort of glued-on cover (I don’t know what’s under it – maybe a screw or bolt or something?). Silvio spotted it, and did his best to “catch” it. Only instead of standing on his legs and reaching for it the way a normal kitten might, Silvio opted to jump and jump and jump for it, like a goofy little jumping monkey. (Bonus: Meadow in the background, hanging out in her FAVORITE box.)

YouTube link.


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12-7-13 — 28 Comments

  1. In the first picture, was that Meadow or Silvio hiding behind Paulie Walnuts, making it seem as though he has a mere six legs? As for Silvio, that vid is too cute. And Fred is so patient with Carmela; hope there’s never an uh-oh moment upon his return. Enjoy all the kitten commotion, and many thanks for the Saturday post.

  2. I had to laugh at Carmela trying to use Bing. My Lovey has been doing the same thing lately and last night I caught him trying to Skype.

  3. “There’s this thing on the front of the refrigerator, some sort of glued-on cover (I don’t know what’s under it – maybe a screw or bolt or something?).”

    It’s there so you can move the door handle and the hinges to the other side so you can change which way the door swings.

  4. I just love me some Carmela. It’s a good thing I don’t live closer, because I’m 98% sure she’d be coming to live with me!

  5. Well, since Carmela is the one who was deemed to have had a profile photo worthy of LinkedIn, it stands to reason that she’s the one working on the laptop in Fred’s office and the one who “always looks so SERIOUS.” She’s getting the “most likely to succeed” title of this litter!

  6. My fridge has that same little button on the front and it drives one of my cats insane sometimes. She has managed to get it off several times.

  7. Thank you so much for the Christmas card. Good ol’ [redacted], Love that baby. Now I have it lined up with last year card with Miz Poo. Read you every day and if I had Miss Penelope’s permission, I would rescue kittens. But she says no and she is the Queen.
    Thanks again.

    P.S. Paulie Walnuts is a total hunk!

    • I edited out the name of the cat on the card, so as not to spill the surprise, since not everyone’s gotten theirs. 😉 I’m glad you liked it!!

  8. Yay I got my Christmas card today!!! I love it! It kinda reminds me of Snoopy in A Charlie Brown Christmas! All you are missing is the first place ribbon. 😉

  9. Happy anniversary of the 8th time I have had to explain to my husband who Robyn, Fred, and the gang are and why they sent us a Christmas card.

    • My husband asked also. I just said, “Oh, from Robyn and her husband Fred. Friends of mine in Alabama!” If I gave the real explaination he would NEVER understand why Robyn send out cards to us. LOL. It is just easier that way. He did like the photo on the card and I told him who it was and that Fred built the “you know what”. 🙂

  10. Got mine today too (well, most likely Friday or Saturday but this is the first time I’ve been out of the house – had the flu or something. It certainly lifted my spirits! Thanks!

    Robyn, this could be trouble: ChristmasCats.tv is now in reruns! Given I had seen only part of one day, I may have to have it on – it is seriously addicting!