12-7-16 Wednesday

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Last night:

This leaves Iva, Charlotte and Raleigh at Petsmart. I bet they won’t be there for much longer!


More pictures of the Carolinas before they went off to Petsmart!

Iva (and Abby, in the background) on the cat tree in my room.

Raleigh in mid-leap.

Coming in for the landing!

Silly Charleston. “What is going ON over there?!”

“Hallo!” (Iva)

Charleston’s face is killing me dead. I’m sure he was in mid-“wahhhh!”

A moment later, serious boy.

Aberdeen works on her balancing act.


Charlotte started climbing up the side of the bed and found herself holding paws with Uncle Stefan. She said “This isn’t what I intended AT ALL!”


Dustin* in his favorite place (well, it was his favorite place before I took the cat tree into the room.)

“Hallo, lady.” (Also not his favorite cat tree – that’s a tall condo he was occasionally hanging out on before I took it out of the room and brought in the cat tree.)

Dustin is starting to come around – he’s now approaching us to be petted, flopping down and rolling around on the ground. Yesterday I went over to the tree, where he was sitting, to pet him. He apparently didn’t like that I was standing over him, so he jumped to the ground, walked over to where I usually sit on the floor, and looked expectantly at me.

Fred thought, yesterday, that we should put up the screen door at the bottom of the stairs and let Dustin have the run of the upstairs. I didn’t think this was such a good idea, since Dustin is a hider, but went along with it. We put the screen door up, Fred opened the door, and Dustin came out a few minutes later, climbed up into the recliner in Fred’s room, and hid.

Dustin’s now back to being confined to the foster room, at least for the time being.

*”What kind of a name is JUSTIN for a cat?” Fred scoffed yesterday.
“His name is Dustin,” I said.
“Well, then,” said Fred.


Oh, Archie. Can you believe it’s been two years since I first posted about him? Yeah, yeah, yeah, he eventually came inside.


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12-7-16 Wednesday — 9 Comments

  1. The picture of Charleston standing up and peering through a perch on the cat tree Cracks. Me. Up.

    • Me too! He makes me think of those toys that have the coil/spring inside them that you can spring up and down.

  2. So nice of you to get that big sleigh bed with the rounded head and foot boards for the kitties to practice balancing. I am jealous of the deep, intense, intellectual discussions you and Fred have. I wish Dave and I could share like that. 🙂

  3. The picture of Charlotte and Uncle Stefan is sooo cute. He’s giving her such a look of love. Or is it the look of “Hey come on up, I promise I won’t bite. Well maybe just a nibble.”