12-8-16 TBT: Creed

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Throwback Thursday: Creed.

Do you remember Creed?

Creed came to us in May of 2009 along with his brother Dwight and his sister Phyllis. (Their page is here.)

Creed (center) with Phyllis (left) and Dwight.

All three kittens were pretty skittish at first, but they warmed up and turned into the sweetest little snuggly lovebugs. They were with us for about six weeks.

Happy camper.

There’s a post about just Creed (when he was a kitten) here.

Creed, Phyllis and Dwight went off to Petsmart and were adopted fairly quickly. Unfortunately, Creed was returned in 2011 due to allergies that a kid in his home had developed. They were heartbroken at having to return him. He was adopted back out, and then returned in 2014. Since then, he’s been to Petsmart several times, but he doesn’t do that well in a cage, gets anxious, and overgrooms.

He is such a sweet, pretty, friendly people-loving boy.

I wrote this yesterday afternoon, and I was ready to make it yet another plea for y’all to share in hopes of finding that sweet boy a home. He is such a sweetheart that all the volunteers have fallen in love with him and have been hoping that his people would come along and find him.

Last night, Kathie met with people who had seen Creed and thought he might be the cat for them. There have been inquiries about him in the past, but this family seemed serious about possibly adopting him. Kathie met them at 6:30, and I obsessively checked my phone every 10 seconds from 6:31 on, hoping but also afraid to hope. Finally, we got word…

And finally. Finally, after years of alternately being the official greeter in the cat room at the shelter and sitting in a cage at Petsmart hoping for his people to come along, that dear boy has been adopted. I know I’m not the only one who is beyond thrilled about this – this is just about the best Christmas gift I could have hoped for. Join me in wishing the very best for that boy and his new family, would you?


I’ll be back tomorrow with the last of the Carolina Kittens pictures, pictures of Dustin, and more!


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    • Me too. This is such good news. Congratulations Creed and his furrever family. They just changed the world for this kitty. And themselves.

  1. There is a Kleenex shortage in my house since I read the post on FB last night. So very happy for him and his new family!

  2. Oh Robyn! This is the best post and the best Christmas gift to Creed and all the wonderful caregivers at Challneger’s House:-) Many, many happy years to Creed and his new family.

  3. Best post EVER!!! I think i only checked my phone ever 20 seconds last night from 6:31 on, so only Robyn was obsessive!! Happy, happy tears of joy for Creed and his wonderful new family, such a wonderful fit that has to have been the reason for the wait! It IS a Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Best Christmas gift EVER!!!!! I have loved this boy from afar for so long and was overjoyed (and teary eyed) at the news last night. Safe travels and happy life Creed!! I hope your family appreciates every hug you give them!

  5. I saw this on FB and was beyond thrilled! Prayers that he lives out the rest of his life loved and pampered by his new family!!!

  6. When we took some donations in last year, my oldest daughter fell in love with creed. She has allergies so we couldn’t take him home. Cried when I read this.

  7. I am just totally blown away that Creed was finally adopted!! Since I started following the Challenger’s House FB page, it made me sad to see that Creed was waiting to be adopted for TWO YEARS… but it will all be worth it now!

    • (Also, I think that if I had known someone was meeting Creed last night, I would have been right there with you obsessively checking my phone for news!)

  8. Fanning myself to keep me from crying! These are wonderful news! I’ve been following Love and Hisses for a couple of years now and I am thrilled! I cannot imagine how you must be feeling, Robyn and all the Challenger’s House volunteers! Many loving years for Creed and his new family.

  9. I have been tempted many times to drive up to Alabama from Florida, adopt Creed, and take him to my parents in Georgia and say, here’s your new cat. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (They are currently short at least two cats, in my and my dad’s opinion. And the only reason I wouldn’t adopt him for myself is that my cat has made it clear she is an only cat.) But I am so glad that his new family finally came along for him.

      • I dare say we would actually form a transport, if needed, to get a beloved L&H foster into a home!!

  10. I honestly did a happy dance for the news when I read it last night!!!! So very happy for Creed!!!

  11. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so, so pleased to read this!!!!! Seeing his sweet face in your sidebar always broke my heart. Kudos to Creed’s new family and yay (!!!!) for Creed!!! A Christmas miracle!

  12. Thank you, Robyn, for keeping such good records and reminding us of what Creed looked like as a wee boy. It surely did bring back memories for me. It was a long, stressful road for Creed but hopefully he has found his place now and will live out his life in love and happiness with his new family. Sometimes we do have to be patient until those special people finally come along. (This is from me, Susan, CH shelter mgr.)

  13. Oh man. I was so worried when I started reading but then I saw that you used the PRESENT tense I knew what had happened.

    I am so happy for Creed!

  14. Merry Christmas Creed! So happy for you and Robyn, and Challenger’s House and your new family. May you all be very happy and enjoy your new adventures!

  15. Woot Woot So very happy for Creed and Robyn and Challenger’s House and especially for the new human’s in Creed’s life. Now I must go and get this eyelash out of my eye so I can quit tearing up.

  16. Yay Creed and your very lucky new family! So happy for you, sweet boy, and may you have many, many happy and loving years together!

  17. Just echoing what everyone else has said. Finally! I just could not understand why no one wanted that beautiful, sweet boy.

  18. Congratulations Creed!!!
    So very happy for all who continued to love, care and hope for the sweet boy to find his loving home!

  19. I’ve been a mess of happy tears since the FB post last night, the FB update today and now today’s post. I somehow don’t think it was a coincidence that you were doing a throw back Thursday about Creed today. One things for sure, it sure had an excellent ending! Many congrats to Creed and his new humans.

  20. Best Christmas gift ever. I think about Creed every time I come on this site. I have thought about seeing if you could get him to NYC. So happy he has been adopted and hope with all my heart this adoption sticks. Love love love you Creed and thanks to his humans for adopting an older cat!