12-9-16 Friday

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In the picture: “Last snack time, Saturday morning”, notice that their elbows are giving them Angel Wings?

I did notice that, and I LOVE it!


What does Fred REALLY call Dustin?

Dustin’s Fred name is Willis. Why? I don’t know. I guess Dustin/Willis whispered it to Fred when they were bonding.


We totally need to hear the story of how Abby reacted to meeting Carla Mae.

Abby and Carla Mae the chicken stared at each other through the glass for about a minute and then I thought “Hey, I’ll open the door! Maybe Carla Mae will come inside!”, but when I moved it startled Abby, who ran off, and Carla Mae turned and stomped down the steps. Always ruining my excellent plans! Hmph.


2013 post is a classic! I think my favourites are the ones where the cats have conversations.

“Melfi went to her thinkin’ spot” cracked me up when I re-read that!


2007 “Too. Many. Cats.” *snort* love it!

Those old posts where I’m all “This is too many cats!” always make me roll my eyes. When we got Miz Poo, that gave us five cats, and we were all “OMG SO CRAZY.” Oh, please.
I mean, at this point I think “Five cats? How do you even know you HAVE cats with only five of them in the house?”


Speaking of Fred to the rescue, I’m quite curious about that little orange tabby pictured in the Facebook post on Love and Hisses, who Fred says was named “Lieu”. Do we get to know his story?

Lieu was one of the Rescuees back in 2010. Fred heard him howling in the culvert under the road (which is at the edge of our property) and we had quite a time convincing him to come out. If I recall correctly, Fred took a bucket of water to the other side of the road, dumped it so that the water would run toward the kitten, and the kitten ran toward me – and that was Lieu. You can read the post about that here.

By the way, I don’t think Lieu really belongs in that list of kittens who were tamed by Fred, since he was pretty much instantly friendly. Monday doesn’t, either!


The last of the Carolina kittens pictures!

Iva in the sun, on the cat tree in my room.

Aberdeen on my bed, havin’ a think.

Wahhh! He is SUCH da BAYbee.

And he knows it!

Charlotte in the tiny basket.

Oh, that muffin. Don’t you just want to squeeze him?

Sweet, smug little face.

Iva, laying in Fred’s arms and kneading like the sweet snugglebug she is.

And Iva, the day after they were spayed and neutered, in my lap.

That’s the last of them. No more Carolina kittens pics for you!


Dustin – or Willis, if you’re Fred – has come so far since we got him. Look at those sweet bunny paws!

Look at that sultry pose!

He is beyootiful!!

So he’ll come over to us to be petted, he’s climbed into Fred’s lap a few times. He’s a playful boy – he really likes Da Bird – and while he’s still skittish, he’s not nearly the most skittish kitten we’ve had. Time to stretch his boundaries!

Right now he’s got the run of the upstairs during the day. Of course, at first he hid, but after some coaxing, he climbed up into the cat bed at the end of Fred’s bed, and stayed there. Fred’s planning to experiment with leaving his bedroom door open tonight (since it isn’t a work night), and maybe he’ll get some snuggling. We’ll see!


Here’s your definite sign of winter: Maxi is willing to come inside and snooze on Fred’s desk DESPITE the fact that other cats exist. Yep, winter’s here!


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12-9-16 Friday — 13 Comments

  1. That picture of Charlotte in the basket: she could be my Billy’s little sister, down to the gold eyes and smug expression.

    Plus, there’s an altogether unscientific body part we used to talk about on Cute Overload known as the muzzlepowsche (deliberate Cute misspelling of “pouch”), which is the puffy little upside-down heart that cats have which contains their whisker dots.

    Charlotte has major muzzlepowsche going on.

  2. Awwww Maxi!!! We haven’t seen her in a while. Hello, pretty girl!
    Dustin is beautiful. His eyeliner is art to behold and that looong pointy nose!!! He could be a model! 😉

  3. Dustin is a doll. So glad he’s coming around!

    (I just re-read the 2009 post about Christmas shopping ideas, lol.)

    • Yes that post is terrific. I forgot about the portable furnaces that everyone needs. That post and the one for 2007, if they’re not already, need to be added to the favorites list STAT.

  4. Great post as usual. I am anxiously awaiting NEW kitties. As much as I love ’em all, it’s a bit like Christmas to me when I see new wee babies. 🙂

  5. I’d never chose a pet based solely on appearance, but your photos are really making me want a brown tabby. They’re so pretty!

  6. I mean, at this point I think “Five cats? How do you even know you HAVE cats with only five of them in the house?”

    Simple, Robyn. Have a Fizzgig in your house like I’ve got in mine. Then walk next to any low piece of furniture, and when the claws are inserted in your foot, you’ll know you have cats in the house. 😀 Alternatively, locate and activate the laser pointer. They’ll come running. 😀

    • In my house, I sit down and Sophie immediately appropriates my lap as her napping spot. A less-bloodletting method, to be sure, but it puts a serious crimp in any motivation to actually accomplish anything besides reading. Which is one of the many reasons I love her 🙂

  7. If you get a litter with four boys, you could call them the Angels (or Archangels): Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.