About The Rescuees

The Rescuees are all named after characters from the FX show Rescue Me.

On May 16th, I got an email from another Challenger’s House foster mom. Her sister had found a small kitten in a parking lot (in the engine block of a truck!) and needed to find a home for him. I told her I could take him, and upon talking to the shelter manager found that she had a couple of kittens around the same age. I told her I’d take them as well (better to have someone to keep the little guy company!), and the next morning I took the first kitten to be tested and picked up the two that the shelter manager had. When we stopped by the vet’s to pick up the kittens, there was a little gray kitten in a cage in the lobby and she was WILD. I fell in love immediately, and the shelter manager asked if I wanted to take her. Of course I did!

So Franco came from the engine block of a truck in a parking lot.

Gavin and Garrity were found inside the wall of the company where another volunteer’s mother works.

And Sheila was dropped off at the vet’s office by someone who’d found her.

We put them together, and they became friends pretty quickly.

But apparently the litter was not yet complete. On June 10th, Fred heard a kitten in a culvert at the edge of our property. We coaxed him out, and after he was tested and declared healthy, we added him to the Rescuees. He’s a little bit smaller than the others, but he holds his own.

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See all the pictures I’ve taken of these kittens over at Flickr.