6-11-10 – A brief hiatus from my blog vacation…

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Wednesday evening, I was going around the house gathering up trash (Thursdays are garbage day here – mark your calendars with that fascinating bit of info!) and Fred came rushing into the house.

“There’s a kitten!” he said.

“What? Where?!”

“In the culvert under the road!”

I dropped the bag of trash I was holding and went out the door. He was behind me a moment later with two flashlights in hand. As we approached the ditch at the side of our property I could hear the very loud meows of a scared kitten. Fred went to the mouth of the culvert, leaned down, and looked in.

“Can you see him?” I asked.

“No, the culvert kind of bends. I’m going to go to the other side of the road.”

As he headed across the road, I fought my way down to the mouth of the culvert.

(That thing is so overgrown. SOMEONE ought to do something about that, don’t you think? I took MY turn three years ago, I think it’s Fred’s turn!)

I got onto my knees and looked in, and as I did, Fred leaned down at the other end of the culvert and we both shone our flashlights into the culvert to see one scared looking little kitten. Every time a car went over the culvert, the poor thing howled louder. And then he’d occasionally howl just to let us know he was scared.

He had one loud voice, that kitten.

I called, but the kitten just sat there and howled.

Fred tossed pebbles at the kitten in an attempt to scare him into running out my end of the culvert. The kitten just sat there and howled.

I was starting to worry that he’d been hit by a car and dragged himself into the culvert and was laying there, paralyzed.

“Would water work?” Fred suggested. I told him I thought it couldn’t hurt, so he went to the house, and I stayed and talked and called to the kitten. I wanted and was willing to crawl in to get him if need be, but I had a mental image of getting to the kitten, grabbing him, and then getting stuck. The fire department would have to come out and tie something to my feet to drag me out.

Ten bucks says I would have made the news if that had happened.

He came back with a bucket of water, and dumped it into the culvert. The kitten gave me a look like “Really? My life’s not hard enough, now you’re going to drown me?”, howled even louder, and then finally ran toward me.

So, meet Lieu.

(“Lieu” is short for “Lieutenant” – we couldn’t think of a better “Rescue Me” name, although Fred suggested “Probie.”)

I’m guesstimating him to be around the age of the Rescuees, and since he tested negative yesterday morning at the vet (THANK GOD), he’s joining the Rescuee litter. I introduced him to the rest of the litter, and there’s been some hissing and smacking, but overall it’s going well.

He’s a perfectly healthy kitten. He had a couple of fleas on him, but otherwise he’s fine. He wasn’t starving, not skin and bones.

What I’m saying is that there is NO WAY this kitten wandered off from a feral litter. He’s scared and a little skittish, but he’s not feral. Fred talked to some neighbors, and learned that the corner across the street from our house is a place where cats and dogs are often dropped off. There’s a big field across the street, and I’m sure idiots believe the animal they’re abandoning will run free and happy and live long lives. Instead of, you know, wandering out in the road to be hit or out into the field to starve to death or be attacked and killed by predators.

I won’t go off into a rant, though (too late!), I’ll just tell you that Lieu and the rest of the Rescuees are off to be spayed and neutered next Thursday!

Mocking the Fresh Step cat. “Do I look vapid enough?”

Now if you’ll pardon me, I’m back on hiatus ’til Monday. I have kittens to snuggle, y’know!


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  1. I’m sorry to report I’m laughing my ass off at the image of you with your ass in the air, stuck in the culvert. Sort of like Winnie the Pooh stuck in Rabbit’s hole. So glad you didn’t end up on the news for that! That orange boy is lucky he wandered into that culvert right next to your house.

  2. He’s beautiful! And I agree, the first thing I noticed was those paws! He is a seriously lucky kitten to wind up at your house. I love you guys for the wonderful work you do to save all these sweeties.

  3. Yeah, plus feral kittens do not meow—it draws predators. So a meowing kitten, especially in the presence of people? Not feral! Great news, he is adorable. I love me an orange cat.

  4. What an adventure! It’s so fortunate that Fred heard the poor little kitten and that you were able to dislodge him from his hiding place. He couldn’t have been rescued by more generous and loving people!
    I have a soft spot for ginger cats, and Lieu is truly beautiful. Look at those immense ears!

  5. Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you do. Your family are all heroes to me. I read your blog every day and it lifts my spirits that there are caring people out there.

  6. haha 20bucks says the kitten would have ran towards Fred while you got stuck !

    but what a pretty kitten & it was his lucky day afterall

  7. Wow, those are some paws! He’s gorgeous, and I’m so glad he found you guys!

  8. And the population grows! So this bunch of rescuees has come from 4 different places now? I’m glad Fred spotted him and didn’t drown him in the attempt to get him out! He’s a cutie.

  9. Lookit those paws – they’re huge! Lieu is going to be a big boy, don’t you think? Bless you and Fred for rescuing the poor little guy.

  10. Ok, don’t even start me on people that dump their pets. I mean, it sucks for our boy Barney that he got dumped but at least it was in a box with some food at the front door of the vets office. If you have to be a jerk and dump your animal at least have the decency to do it the way Barney was dumped (and another kitten was dumped there the same way).

    Now that I have ranted a bit, I am so glad that you two are kitten magnets! Lieu is adorable – and check out his giant paws – he is going to be a big boy!! We know you will take good care of him while he is with you and he will then be able to find a great forever home!!

  11. I am amazed at your magnetic kitten forcefield. Or maybe you all are known as a good stop on the underground kitten railroad? In any case, those are some smart kittens, finding such a great place to live, with toys and treats and lots of beds and a pretty nice cat community. You are legendary.

  12. Will you LOOK at the footins on that boy! Ohmigosh! He’s gonna be a big fella!
    How is he with you? Pics seem like he’s comfortable on your lap. Is he sociable?

  13. p.s. lieu’s got some wicked long eyebrow whiskers! or maybe i’m just noticing because there’s one on each side sticking up like horns.

  14. Get a load of those PAWS!

    Hey Lieu! You’re no dummy. Your “kitty people radar” was right on target.

    I do think they know where the good people are..

  15. Oh my goodness!! What a cutie!! Who does these things – dumping kitties and otherwise just like that?!!?!??! Oh lordy!

    Thank you for rescuing him – poor little creature! I’m just glad he’s safe and well now with you!

    Take care

  16. Thank you so much for rescuing Lieu! We can’t tell you how much we appreciate hearing about people like you and Fred.

    Love and purrs from Katie and the Mishkat cats

    P.S. We all think the Fresh Step cat is silly too – that is a great photo.