Tina Louise actually asked to be petted this morning. I was sitting on the floor and she came over and slumped against my knee, then let me pet her for the longest time. Little Spanky will let you pet him on the head for a few moments before he goes bounding off, but I’ll be darned if I can get my hands on Maryanne or Gilligan. They’re calmer about having me in the room than they were at first, at least. They’ll come out and play and occasionally come over to sniff at my feet before they go skittering off.

And they’re so freakin’ cute, I am almost overcome with the need to pick them up and squeeze them, every time I go in that room. I haven’t yet, but I can only be strong for so long, people!

“All full up on the petting for now, thanks.”

Maryanne’s pretty markings.

“You want WHAT? A snuggle? Oh, it is to LAAAAAUGH!”

“Please, can it be adoption time now?”

“I SAY, you want to adopt me now, RIGHT?”

In ur internetz, plotting ur downfall.

Pretty Maryanne.

Gilligan loves the kitty bed.

All four in one pic, woohoo!

* * *

“I think you does not unnerstand, lady. Ah HETS THEM KITTENS. HET.”


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