The brilliant Rose suggested in my comments for yesterday that I name the two unnamed kittens “Thurston” and “Lovey”, and I spit out my water when I read that, because that is PERFECT, but alas. Both those names have been used in the past, and since the idea is to use names that haven’t been used before, I can’t use them.

Then I checked the used-names list, and do you KNOW what names haven’t been used in the past? GILLIGAN AND MARYANNE.


The kittens continue with their skittishness but last night I got Tina Louise to come over and sniff my hand. I touched her tail and the side of her little face before she skittered off, but they’re getting used to me. It helps that I sit in there and read and just ignore them (or at least pretend to) while they play. When Tina Louise came over to me last night, it was a so-very-casual stroll on her part, like “Oh. Hm. Look at these towels here. I think I’ll flop down on them. Why, looky here. There’s a person there! Color me surprised!”

Maryanne disapproves.


Is that a face of disgust, or what?

* * *

For Fred’s birthday, I made a gigantic chocolate chip cookie and frosted it. Sugarbutt thought he should get some, too. (By the way, that bottle of “Move Free” is glucosamine and chondroitin, not a laxative. In case you were wondering.)


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