6-8-05- Mia & babies


You know why we’re not going to keep any of the foster kittens? Because there is NO WAY ON EARTH I could pick just one or even just two of them. Every time I think I’ve got a favorite, another one does something that just steals my heart. Today, my favorite is Oy. He comes over to me, bites my hand until I roll him over onto his back, and then kicks his legs while I rub his belly. He loves to pretend he hates the belly rubs, but he keeps on coming back for them.

The other kittens have fur that feels like cotton balls, but Oy’s is soft and silky. Also, Oy is one of the two kittens (Snoopy being the other one) that has purred when I held him. He doesn’t purr every time, and he doesn’t purr for long, but he does purr.

And then I see Flossie’s worried little face, and I think “She is just unbearably cute. SHE’s my favorite.”

And so on.

“You’re not going to bite my tail, are you?”
“No, Mama.”
“Good boy.”

Flossie the monkeykitten.

Mia loves the catnip mouse.

Snoopy atop the platform.


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