6-7-05 – Mia & babies


When will these little monsters let me snuggle them? WHEN? All they want is to play, to jump on and bite each other, to have me rub their bellies while they kick and bite at me. They love to attack my feet and bite my toes (my own fault for not wearing socks, I guess), but snuggling? No. Not unless I happen to go in when they’ve just woken up, and then they’ll drape themselves over my legs and let me pet them, and Snoopy will even let me pick him up and kiss him, but that’s only for a short amount of time.


I made an excellent purchase at Target yesterday. They had the Shark Cordless Mini Hand Sweeper on clearance for $12.37. Mia has been kicking some serious litter all over the room, which necessitates boxing Mia and the babies up and taking them out of the room so that I can vacuum in there almost every other day. I wanted something I could use with them actually in the room that wouldn’t be as loud as the Dyson. I bought the Shark yesterday thinking that I could give it a try and if it was a piece of junk I’d just return it.

It’s a pretty good little vacuum – I mean, it’s not powerful by any means, but it’s pretty quiet (though the babies don’t much care for it, but it also doesn’t scare them) and it picks up litter very well. Two thumbs up to the Shark!

Such a worried girl.

Snoopy likes that catnip mouse. He’s a ‘nip fiend in the making.

I love Snoopy’s puffed-out tail. Fred was waving the toy around and freaking him out.

Peanut. He looks so sweet. Don’t be fooled!


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