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Look what reader Christine photoshopped for me!

Crack me UP. (Thanks, Christine!)

So now that I know Zoe will eat baby food if it’s offered to her, I generally take her a spoonful on a plate in the morning and again in the evening when I bring a plate of canned cat food in for Kara (which she shares with River, sweet generous Momma that she is). Zoe always bellies right up to the plate (I’m going to start mixing crunchy food in with the baby food to see if I can’t coax her into giving it a try), and yesterday Inara smelled the baby food and came over to give it a try. Only, when she tried to get a little of the baby food, Zoe whipped out the Paw o’ Doom and stopped her.

I love the Paw o’ Doom. It cracks me up.

(Inara did get some baby food eventually; Zoe never eats all that I give her.)

“Why she got to give me the Paw o’ Doom? I always share with HER!”

Fighting kittehs.

“I told Mom that you bit my tail, and she is going to kick your BUTT!”


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