Kara & babies – 6-10-08

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Over the weekend, when we had Kara sequestered away from the kittens, we took the opportunity to bring Tommy in to see the kittens and see how they’d react to him.

What we forgot is that Tommy, much as he’s the Goodwill Ambassador, is always a wee bit hissy when he first comes face to face with new cats. We let him into the foster room, he came face to face with Zoe, and he hissed. She got a little, shall we say, kerfluffed.

After they hissed back and forth a few times, Inara – who was hiding under the dresser – started wailing. She sounded so scared that I decided it was time Tommy vacate the premises, which he happily did.

The entire time, Kaylee and River stayed sound asleep on the cat tree.

First visit: not such a rousing success.


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