12-3-20 Thursday

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Annie Oakley says “SMILE!”

Annie Oakley is a climber and an explorer. I was in the room when she climbed to that top shelf, and I’m still not sure how she did it.

I’m also not sure how she did this. Buffalo Bill is all “I wanna get up there, too!”

I put Charlie up there to take his picture, and she had to see what was going on.

Tater Tot’s all “You rang?”

That is one occupied ham-mick.

Charlie came for a stroll through the room.

And a rest. Please note, in any picture of Charlie in the kitten room, someone is always either sniffing him or walking over to him (so they can sniff him.)

“Well, it’s ’cause he’s fabulous,” Onion Ring would like you to know.

Pretzel in the sun. Such a pretty girl!


Newt keeps a close eye on those squirrels.


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