12-20-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

When you try to wrap Eclair in Christmas lights for a cute picture, and she has other ideas…

Nap time with Pretzel.

Ol’ feather lips has been showing the feather teaser who the boss is again. (Fritter)

Good night innernets. (Eclair)

Good morning, innernets! Left to right we have: Pretzel, Fritter, Eclair and Annie Oakley.

Last week I posted a picture of one of Kara (Sheriff Mama’s) daughters, Dora (formerly Inara.) This cutie pie right here is another of her daughters, Kaylee. When she was our foster back in 2008 (!), her nickname was “The little raccoon” and I swear I’d recognize her anywhere. Isn’t she beautiful? (Thanks, Richard!)

Pretzel’s learning her laundry assistant duties.

Did you need another look at hunky mancat Fritter in his sweater? Here you go. Gorgeous AND a lovebug. What more could you ask for?

Eclair the sweater-wearin’ reincat has a very smiley face. Cute, snuggly, and willing to wear a sweater AND hat for about 10 seconds. She’s the total package!

Blue’s your color, Annie Oakley. (Anything’s her color, really, and she knows it.)

When I posted the picture of Kaylee, Kara’s daughter, earlier today, I meant to post this one too. Isn’t that a great picture of a gorgeous girl? (That’s her sister Gracie below.) Her eyes remind me so much of Kara. (Thanks Richard!)

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Charlie (formerly foster Aramis), Pretzel and Annie Oakley)

In case you didn’t see it in the blog this morning, we are now ADOPTION PENDING on Fritter (left) and Pretzel – TOGETHER. They’ll be with us for a few more weeks ’til they can go home, so for now we get to just enjoy having them around. YAY! This leaves Eclair and Annie Oakley still available for adoption.

Look at that sweet face! That’s Leo (formerly Athos) from the Mewsketeers litter. Amy reports that he’s getting along well with big brother Dreyfuss, is tolerated by big sister Bella, and he isn’t sure what the thinks of the dog yet. (Thanks Amy!)

In case you missed it earlier AND on the blog, Fritter and Pretzel are adoption pending (together). So from 15 kittens, we are now left with these two available: Eclair (left) and Annie Oakley.

These kittens sure do like their Uncle Charlie… and his tail.

Fritter’s pretty impressed by just how high Annie Oakley can leap.

Charlie’s Angels. Have I mentioned that these kittens like their Uncle Charlie?

Good night innernets. (Uncle Charlie, Annie Oakley and Pretzel)

Annie Oakley wonders where her people are, and wish they’d HURRY UP ALREADY.

Do you remember these monkeys? It hasn’t been so long – that’s Rhus (formerly Rochefort) on the left, and Oleander (formerly Constance) on the right, two of the Mewsketeers, who were adopted together and now live in Nashville.⁠

Cat says: “oleander,who we often call ollie or lolly is quite the brave little lady. and can often be found in her cardboard boat patrolling the highseas.⁠ rhus is a sweet boy who trills as he explores narrating his adventures for us. he is fond of jinglebells and takes his job of escorting me to the bathroom very seriously.⁠ both have brought joy and love to our home. and they have “sily muffin bedtime!” down, it means its time to snuggle up in my big bed and/or bonk me and bring me sparkleballs before curling up with me.”⁠

A reminder: you can follow them on Facebook – it’s so much fun to see them grow! (Thanks, Cat!!!)

I love this picture so much, between the tilted heads of Fritter and Pretzel, Annie Oakley off in her own little world, and sweet Eclair on the left with her little smile.

Look at these snuggly sisters. ❤️ That’s Phoenix (back) and Stardust (front), from Mercury’s Missions (2017) and big sister Amber (formerly Ambercup from the Squash Bugs litter, 2015.) I don’t know about y’all, but this makes me want to go back to bed and snooze the day away under a pile of cute kitties. (Thanks, Debra!)

Please ‘nip responsibly this holiday season. ❤️⁠

YouTube link
It’s not even a clown car at this point!

Eclair (left) and Annie Oakley have a snuggle.

Good night innernets – from Annie Oakley, her Ears of Annoyance, and Eclair.

These poooooor saaaaad girrrrrls need a hooooome.⁠… Just kidding! We’re adoption pending on Eclair and Annie Oakley – yes, together! 🎉🎉🎉

Look at these cuties! I’m sure you recognize Kiki (formerly Calamity Jane) and Mr Mustachio (Davy Crockett). In the bottom pic, that’s both of them with their big brother Oliver Starshine. ⁠

Sarah reports: “I think they’re going to be great buds!! Oliver Starshine even cleaned Mr Mustachio up a little. He’s been edging towards playing with the kittens for a few days, but they’re so fast & surprise him. Usually he’s not a fan of them touching him. Looks like that’s changing.”⁠

(Thanks, Sarah!)

Hooray, hooray! Eclair and Annie Oakley are adopted and went home TODAY! They’ll have a big brother kitty (who looks very much like Eclair), some doggy friends, and a couple of human siblings as well! Happy life, sweet girls. ❤️❤️❤️

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Before Annie Oakley went home earlier, she tried to steal my phone and then she got a little bath from Pretzel.

Fritter (left) and Pretzel would like to remind you that the kitten room isn’t empty just YET. There are still two gorgeous housepanthers hanging out for a while – they’re adoption pending and will go home after Christmas. Which means we get a while longer of just admiring and enjoying them. How wonderful is that?

Good night innernets. (Uncle Charlie realized there’s a heated bed in the crate. He approves.)

And then there were 2.

Pretzel and Fritter (in the basket) hanging out in the sun.

Good night innernets ❤️

“Good morning lady. You feed us now?” Fritter (on the headboard), Pretzel (on the side table.)

I wish I’d captured the absolutely appalled look on Uncle Newt’s face when he realized that Pretzel had climbed into the bed with him (and in the next moment, he ran away hissing. Not a fan of kittens, our Newt.)

YouTube link
Harassing the kittens while they’re trying to sleep. I get my fun where I can.

Fritter’s got places to GO!

Good night innernets. (Fritter, near, and Pretzel)


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