12-17-20 Thursday

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Annie Oakley strikes a pose.

Fritter keeps his eye on the feather teaser.

“What doin’, weird lady?” wonders Eclair.

At some point after I took this picture, Pretzel’s collar came off. Annie Oakley carried it around growling like she’d caught something good, and now I don’t know where it is. (But luckily she and Fritter are easy to tell apart.)

Annie Oakley and Fritter consider a tussle. Please note Uncle Charlie back there in the basket, sound asleep.

Eclair thinks Uncle Charlie makes a comfy bed.

A bird hit the window (it was fine and immediately flew away) and Pretzel, Annie Oakley and Fritter weren’t sure what to think.

Annie’s serious little “What’s going on over THERE?!” face kills me.

It kinda cracks me up that so many of you have decided that Charlie loves the kittens. Charlie loves the kitten food, and Charlie loves the kitten room, but the kittens themselves he merely tolerates and mostly ignores. If one of them gets too much up in his face he’ll play a quick game of Slappy Paws, but that’s about it.

I have no idea what his feelings will be about future litters, but we’ll find out when the time comes.


Archie looooves that Santa bed, and Charlie is patiently waiting his turn.

(I went to see if I could figure out where I got that bed because I know someone’s gonna ask. The tag says it’s from the “Merry & Bright collection”, and Google tells me it likely came from Petsmart. But I got it last year, and it doesn’t seem to be available currently.)


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