12-27-19 Friday

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How did Alice Mo react to the return of magi, I mean, kittens?

Alice Mo was not thrilled to see those kittens back – but she was still loopy the first night, so she mostly hid under a chair and slept. Since then (Monday night), she ignores them, shoots them dirty looks when the need arises, and hisses if they get too close.


In reference to the cats who are getting dental work… what do people usually do about getting teeth cleanings for their cats? None at all if they eat only dry food? Yearly after a certain age? Once every five years? I don’t really know how to approach this.

We go by what the vet says – if the vet says, during their yearly exam, that they need a dental, then we schedule one.


Just a note: I haven’t forgotten that some of y’all are interested in having prints of some pictures (as mentioned in last week’s post, and some on Facebook.) I’m looking at Zazzle, since they’ve got much more of a selection than Society6, and I’m thinking I will likely set up a store there. However, I just haven’t had a chance to do it yet – I’m hoping that once January 1st has come and gone, I’ll get a chance to get it done. I’ll be pulling everything from the Cafepress store I have, and will move it all to Zazzle so everything will be in one location (I haven’t been thrilled with Cafepress for a while now; their site is dinosaur-slow and hard to deal with. Hopefully Zazzle will work out better.

In any case, once I’ve got the store up and running over there, I’ll share the link and post it in the sidebar.


The kittens are headed back to Petsmart later this morning. I hate taking them back, but I know they’ll be fine. The volunteers give them a lot of love and attention. And who knows? Maybe this will be their lucky weekend! I certainly hope so…

“Why you so weird, lady?”

JoJo’s out cold.

Left to right: Henri, Josephine and Gabrielle. Archie wasn’t thrilled to see that they’d taken over one of his favorite beds… but they didn’t stay there long, so there was no drama.

Henri and Gabrielle in Fred’s lap.

Gabrielle (front), Henri (back left) and Josephine in the bed on the table.

Oh, that girl and her smiles.

Henri likes to hang out on the back of Fred’s chair.

Alice’s face over there on the left is cracking me up.


Frankie’s got such a pouty little face. I love that boy.


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12-27-19 Friday — 3 Comments

  1. And we love Frankie’s wee face too!

    I’m certainly going to miss their little faces! But seeing them in their forever homes will make it worth it.

  2. I honestly can’t tell the remaining three kittens apart from each other. I can only imagine what Fred’s names are for them.