12-26-19 Thursday

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Henri’s one folded-back Ear of Puzzlement is killing me. He does that a LOT.

GiGi smiles.

Jojo poses.



Li’l smile.

Henri says “See? I can smile too.”

I was sitting and petting Khal, and Josephine climbed into my lap for some love. I snuggled her and petted Khal for a long time, but then needed to go do something, so I put her down next to Khal, and he immediately licked her head. Awww.

Gabrielle can be serious sometimes.

Henri and Josephine have a snuggle.

Basket full o’ trouble.

Henri’s like “Unca Khal is just so COOL!”
And JoJo’s like “He IS! He IS so cool!”

We had a very relaxing, very quiet Christmas day. It was just us and the cats here yesterday (we spent Christmas Eve with family), the cats and kittens all got small pieces of turkey, and then there was napping. Perfect!

Now we get to enjoy the kittens for another day; they go back to Petsmart Friday. I really hope that their people come along soon – they are such a sweet and charming trio. I’d love to see all three of them adopted together, but of course that’s not likely to happen. They’re so awesome that wherever they end up, they’ll do great.


Dewey objects to the fact that the kittens have reclaimed the foster room at night.


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12-26-19 Thursday — 2 Comments

  1. Cats, kittens, turkey and napping. Now that’s my kind of Christmas!

    (And who’s the dumbass that said “ME! ME! Sure, I’ll come in and work on the 27th!” after 2 days of sleeping and eating like a teenager? The one who is now up at 2am ET and who most assuredly cannot eat/sleep like a teenager any longer. Dumbass.)