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Our Christmas day was low-key. I did a lot of cooking in the morning and then I crashed on the couch for a long, long, LONG afternoon nap. It was exactly as Christmas day should be!

The kittens helped me with the napping.

Silly Paulie Walnuts.

I turned around from taking that picture of Paulie, and Corbie was sitting there giving me this look, and it made me laugh out loud. Silly boy.

Silly snuggly Sopranos.

Nap time!

Paulie and Stefan, napping on Fred’s bed.

“::gasp::! He’s up there! I must go to him! He is beeyoootiful!”

“Oh, he’s so close! I love him so!”

“Hello, Mister Tommy! I love you!”

“Little kitten, whose name I do not remember, watch carefully. This is my kitten slappin’ paw, and it’s meant for YOU, so I’m cleaning it up.”


John Smith shows off his angel wings.

Tricki is super amazed by that ceiling fan.

Pretty, pretty Bunnie.

Another look at Tricki’s beautiful eyes.

Toto is not impressed with your shenanigans.

Swinging for the feather teaser. So close… and yet, she misses again.


Alice Mo is such a pretty girl.

Gorgeous eyes, that girl.

That’s right, it’s Alice time, and you know what that means!

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12-26-13 — 10 Comments

  1. I sent you a Christmas card last week, but it hasn’t appeared on the Flickr page. Are you still receiving them?

  2. Hah, oh Tommy, you little heartbreaker! I’m guessing he doesn’t usually have his claws out on display like that when he’s cleaning his paws. A subtle reminder to stay OUT of his space, if ever there was one.

    • You musta requested a card twice, then! Obviously your Christmas was twice as happy, with two Maxis glaring at you. 😉

  3. I love the Meadow/Tommy sequence, especially the last with Meadow. I hope she finds her forever family soon. She will make them so happy!