6-2-23 Friday

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Wondering if the Nestlings will eventually join the Crate Gatsby gang. You don’t have to answer. If I happens, I’ll find out then. We can never tell what the future will bring!

Daisy spotted Charlie on the landing a couple of days ago, and it sent her into super protective mode (she put on her floof suit and growled at him, and I don’t think I’d ever heard her growl before). I don’t want to stress her out by bringing 4 new kittens into her safe space, so at this point I’m hoping to at least introduce one or two of the Catsbys to the Nestlings, but I’m going to wait and see what happens in the next week or so. In other words: maybe there’ll be a meeting, but I make no promises!


And a question for Friday – speaking of loving to lay on scratchers, does the Magnificent Khal still seek out his favorite track toy to lay on?

I can hear him playing with the track toy from time to time, but I haven’t actually seen him lying on it in quite a while. That might be partly due to the fact that I had to move the track toys so they’re over by the fireplace while the guys are working on the dining room – or maybe he’s found more comfy places to hang out. Hard to know what the reasoning is!


Daisy’s trying to decide which toy strikes her fancy.

I wanna BOOP Myrtle’s adorable pink nose.

The kittens’ favorite place to hang out? In my office, of course. They weren’t terribly impressed when I told them that that was where they were born. (I intended to re-paint the room and then reclaim it as my office, but then bottle babies happened and I didn’t have time for anything. And now the Catsbys really like hanging out in there, so I don’t want to shut them out. What I’m doing here is making excuses not to paint that room yet ’cause I hate painting. I’ll get to it one of these days, right? Right.)

Jay was looking out that window (which overlooks the back yard.) and then I pointed out to him that there was another scratcher he could jump to.

So he did.

And then he jumped from there to my bed. He’s a jumpy boy!

Myrtle’s not in the mood for jumpin’.

Jay found this bed in a corner of my office and found it comfy. (And Nick and Zelda climbed up into the recliner. Worry not – that recliner never gets reclined, so no kitten will get hurt.)

Yesterday I got the news that Myrtle and Zelda are adoption pending, TOGETHER. There were a TON of applications for Zelda, and a few for Zelda and another kitten; I’m sure Forgotten Felines had a hard time making that decision (and I’m glad it wasn’t my decision to make.) The spay/neuter date has been moved to a day earlier – June 12th – so those two will be headed home at some point after that (I’m not sure when yet.)

This leaves Daisy, Jay and Nick still available. Hopefully their people will step up sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed! (Email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org if that’s you.)


This washstand – which belonged to Fred’s grandmother – sits in a corner of the dining room. Wren discovered it first, and now all the kittens love to climb up in there and nap, or jump in and out. Plover woke up when I walked into the room and came to look at me and decide whether I was worth leaving the washstand for.

They still snooze in their crate regularly too. Starling likes to perch atop that stuffed kitty and make her plans for the day.

Wren is all “Whatchoo doin’, lady?”

Giving Rufous the ol’ chomperoo.

Rufous’s little smile just kills me.

Wren’s all “LADY. We tryin’ to sleep.”


An old shot of Dewey (and Stefan, awwww) from 2017. I sure miss those shelves in the kitchen, the cats loved them so much. (I also miss being able to hang anything anywhere without having to find a wall stud.)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Rabbit rabbit rabbit. 🐰⁠

From Wikipedia: “Rabbit rabbit rabbit” is a superstition found in Britain and North America wherein a person says or repeats the words “rabbit”, “rabbits” and/or “white rabbits” aloud upon waking on the first day of a month, to ensure good luck for the rest of it.

It’s Thlurrrpsday and while Plovetater is awfully cute here, I feel like she could have tried harder with that thlurrrp.

Daisy is BEFUDDLED (and annoyed) that it’s already June and her forever family is nowhere to be found. Where ARE you guys already?!⁠

YouTube link
Myrtle confirms it: she IS Da BAYbee. Oh, that sweet little voice!

Wren’s trying to relive her birth experience. She’s all “Is this how it went? I don’t remember!”

YouTube link
Wren “discovered” the paper towels and that she could push them around on the floor, and found it ever so much fun. Also, she tussled a bit with Rufous, who is MORE than happy to knock her over.

Ooh, Nick pie! My favorite!

YouTube link
Plover/Tater is just so so so milk drunk (and on the verge of falling asleep. I mean, I’m pretty sure her brain is checked out at this point, but her eyes are (mostly) open.)

Good night innernets. (Plover/Tater, who is out cold)⁠


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