5-15-23 Jake

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June 14, 2009 – May 12, 2023.

Friday morning, we said goodbye to our beloved Loony Jake. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma back in February, so this is something we knew was coming. We spent the months after his diagnosis spoiling him absolutely rotten, and I believe that he was happy right up until Friday morning, when he gave us very clear signs that it was his time, and so we made the appointment. He went quickly and peacefully, looking at the humans who loved him for nearly 14 years.

Though we knew his time was coming, I keep forgetting and then remembering that he’s gone, and his absence is huge.


In August of 2009, about six weeks after we’d lost Mister Boogers, Fred and I went on a day trip to Tennessee. When we arrived back home, we found two little gray kittens near our side porch and a container of cat food on the steps. Someone had clearly dumped them on us, hoping that we’d care for them.

We were fostering for Challenger’s House at the time, and at first we said we were going to foster them, but I don’t know who we thought we were kidding. Less than 24 hours later we decided that they were going to be permanent residents. We struggled with trying to find the right names for them, but finally Fred said “They’re blue. They’re brothers. They’re Jake and Elwood!” and that was that.

Jake earned the nickname “Loony Jake” pretty quickly because when he looked at you, he looked completely twirly-eyed insane. Like such.

We liked to say he was “tuning his loons.”

When we first got Jake and Elwood, we were fostering the True Blood Six kittens, who were about the same age. They basically grew up together, and Jake and Elwood had a blast. Jake loved the fosters, and was always one of the permanent residents the fosters would seek out to play and snuggle with.

In his older years he became less interested in the fosters – though if they were around long enough, he’d make friends – but he always adored his brothers and sisters. In 2012 we lost his brother Elwood to FIP, and I worried that Jake would miss him terribly. Fortunately, he had his other siblings to comfort him. He loved them so, and they loved (or at least tolerated) him back.

It never occurred to him that another cat might not like him. He’d walk over to whoever was around and present his head to them to be licked. And they almost always complied, though if they didn’t he never took it personally, would just wander off after a bit.

He was a quiet boy with a big presence. If it was time to eat, he got SUPER vocal (and would get so excited that he’d rub up against whichever cat was around) – and if he found a toy and was in the right mood, he’d carry it through the house, keening at the top of his lungs. Otherwise, he was just always there, the happiest boy with the sweetest personality. He never gave us a moment of trouble in his entire life.

I had so hoped that Jake would make it to his 14th birthday in June, but I know that we made every day of these past few months a celebration of him, and I think he knew how much we loved him.

Goodbye, Jake. We miss your silly face and your sweet, sweet presence so very much.


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5-15-23 Jake — 65 Comments

  1. Oh, Robyn! My heart is breaking! I thought Jake would live forever, and now he will be, in my heart.

    This is such a loss to read about this morning. I’m so sorry for your loss. If my heart breaks, I can imagine what you’re going through. Love and strength to you.

    Even though you know it’s coming, we can never prepare for the void they leave behind. The consolation is that you’ll be together again, and what a glorious day that will be!

  2. Oh no! I’m so sorry for your loss. Jake was a wonderful boy and was so lucky to have had you and Fred and the other residents to keep him happy and loved. We’ll all miss his twirly eyes.

  3. These last few weeks, every time I saw a notification that Fred made a post, my heart would jump. Then he made the post I was dreading.

    Sweet, sweet Jake with your special, silly face. I will miss you.

  4. I’m so sorry. How are the cats taking it? I know Khal and Dewey were pretty close to Jake. Are they ok?

    I’ll miss his loony face.

  5. I’m so sorry for the loss of Jake, and really sorry it had to come when you’re worn so thin with weeks of 24-hour kitten duty. But I’m also thankful you had some time to love on him extra hard these past few months. That picture of Fred holding baby Jake and Elwood is a favorite, as is the one of Jake in the Santa hat-it always makes me think of Jim Carrey’s Grinch. I’ve enjoyed all the years of seeing Jake tuning his loons, and will miss seeing him here so much. Thank you for sharing him with us. Rest in peace, sweet Jake!

  6. Sweet, silly loony Jake…how I know you’ll miss that face! We all will. Now Jake and Elwood are back together, and Jake is mind-melding with all his siblings at The Bridge and tooning those heavenly loons. Fly high sweet boy!

    Big hugs to you and Fred…

  7. So sad to hear that Sweet Loony Jake has passed:-(((. He had the best love and care from you and Fred. I’ve so enjoyed seeing his sweet postings. I will truly miss him.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss of Jake, I know the hurt and the pain is always there. I have a boy named Mr Gray who is almost identical , such a sweet boy. Sending hugs in this difficult time.

  9. So sorry to hear this. He had an amazing 14 years with you, and you gave him the absolutely best life. This was a wonderful post to honour him, he was such a special boy. I will massively miss his loony gorgeous face, and I’m sending comforting thoughts to help you with the grief.

  10. Jake was fabulous! He had a HUGE fan club and we all adored him. In heaven he can now see/feel that! Think of all the kitty friends he will make up there!

    I am oh so very sorry for your loss. The absence of one, even with a clowder can be staggering.

    Sending you and Fred lots of love.

  11. Dear Robyn and Fred, Loony Jake and Elwood (a.k.a The handsome Blues Brothers) lived wonderful lives in the best place possible. They not only loved you, but also their other permanent residents and all of the fosters over the years. Yes, it’s extremely hard to lose a furry pet, but we’re their voice and cats are so intuitive, I’ve found that when it was time for some of my cats to go, they always seemed to tell me. Sending you and everyone in the best foster home EVER, a huge hug!
    Your story of how the two brothers came to live with you was wonderful and the photos of Jake are priceless!

  12. I’m so sorry for you and Fred for the loss of Jake, and so glad that he had such a good life with the two of you and all the other kitties.

  13. Please accept my sympathy upon your loss of Jake. He was the friendliest, most mellow cat I have ever heard or read about, or seen. Thank you for sharing him with L&H!

  14. My heart goes out to you and Fred on the loss of your beloved Jake. He tuned his loons into so many hearts, but by far most deeply into yours. Wishing you strength and comfort as you adjust to his physical absence.

  15. I somehow missed the fact that he was getting to be quite a senior cat! Thank you so much for sharing this tribute, that had to have been written with blurry tearful vision. He was quite a personality (and they all are in their own way!) and I know you’re missing him. It was so fun to see his loony face in the pictures over the years.
    Sending warm and caring thoughts.

  16. I’m so very sorry for the loss of Jake. He was one of the best. (And I loved seeing him on the blog all these years, as I’ve been a reader since the True Blood kittens.) Many hugs to you and Fred.

  17. I am so sorry for your loss and I can really relate, as we recently lost our 14 year old cat, Pandy. I saw the headline on your email and right away felt so sad. Jake was a wonderful Boy

  18. Such very sad news. We will miss dear, loony Jake. Even when you know it is coming, it is always Too Soon. Much sympathy to you and Fred.

  19. I’m so sorry for the loss of beautiful Jake. You surround your cats with so much love, and losing one is so hard.

  20. Oh my goodness. I am so, so terribly sorry. Jake was absolutely loved, and I have zero doubt he knew it. I’m sure he’s snuggling with Elwood and Tommy, cheerfully pestering a certain Sheriff (she’s probably rolling her eyes and chuckling despite herself), and playing with True Blood Terry.

    We’re all going to miss you, you sweet, loony boy.

  21. My heart goes out to all your family – two losses so close together is so very difficult to bear. I hope the human and animal family members are able to comfort each other as you adjust to this latest change. Sending you my heartfelt sympathy and love.

  22. I am so sorry about Jake !! He was Treasure, one that can’t be replaced. He had beauty and better than brains, he had compassion and wanted all the beings to be happy.
    I will say again What A Treasure !!!!!!

    So Sorry !

  23. Thank you for sharing sweet Jake with us all these years. His presence will be missed…who will take up the loon-handling now? Condolences to you and Fred.

  24. I’m so sad at this news. It is wonderful to revisit his story with all the great photos. I just love gray cats the most and his face was especially cute with those rounded whisker pads and goofy expressions. What a sweetheart and I am glad he was so loved and spoiled at the end. It’s always just so hard to say goodbye.

  25. I started following you when you had the True Bloods. I didn’t realize that was when you got Jake and Elwood, I thought they’d been around longer! So sorry too see him go, I loved his loony face.

  26. So sorry for your loss. You certainly have had a rough few weeks. Jake was a beautiful boy and I love all the pictures you have shared of him.

  27. Welp, that made me cry! It’s so hard to lose them when you’ve had them a long time and some when you’ve only a short time. It just never gets any easier, darn it. He was one of the special ones…..

  28. This was such a lovely tribute post to Jakey that really summed up what an absolute precious nugget he was over all these years. It makes my heart so sad that he’s gone and I’m gonna miss seeing his loony little face. He was a treasure and we’re all definitely a little richer for having been able to enjoy him for as long as we did. My sympathies to you and Fred. <3

  29. What a wonderful life that sweet loony boy enjoyed. Much love to you and Fred and all the permanent residents. ❤

  30. I’m so very sorry for your loss, and am sending so much sympathy – especially during this time when you’re probably still seeing him everywhere he used to be.

    I love your tribute, pictures (especially the ones with Khal!) and descriptions: “…the happiest boy with the sweetest personality”.

    Sweet, loony Jake. He was the very best.

  31. I’m really going to miss Loony Jake the Loonicorn. I was following you back when you fostered the True Blood kittens, but oddly I don’t remember Jake & Elwood arriving at the same time. I thought they were already there as a part of the family! Memory is faulty I guess. Anyway, Jake is special to all of us. He had an unforgettable, sweet face and personality to match, that made him a great ambassador for rescue cats! I’m so sorry for you and Fred and his siblings. I know how hard it is to lose one of your beloved family members.

  32. Thank you for sharing Jake’s story. He was a stunner,and like you say” a big presence “… his memories shall furever stay in your hearts.

  33. I never got to see many Elwood posts but loved all the Jake posts. I read his permanent resident story with a smile. He was a special boy. What’s not to love about a soul with a permanent smile on his face? I never thought he was loony just a lovey. 🙂 Bless you for loving and taking care of this sweet heart.

  34. Thank you for this loving tribute to a very special loony Jake. My husband doesn’t understand why I’ve been crying for a cat that I never met but you bring them into our homes to love and cherish. Thank you for that.
    Rest in paradise, dear Jake. May you find endless sunny spots to bask in, abundant heads to bonk against, and an eternity of treats and cuddles. Thank you for gracing our lives with your loony presence. You will be missed, but your memory will forever shine brightly.

    With heartfelt condolences,
    The Furriends and Admirers of Jake the Loony Cat
    Purrs of peace and love to you, Robyn & Fred.

  35. I’ve loved Jake since he was a kitten (and was so sad when Elwood passed away). I can’t believe that these two were left at Crooked Acres nearly 14 years ago. Jake somehow seemed eternally young (and maybe that’s because he kept his loons tuned!). I think I even dreamed once about seeing him at Crooked Acres.

    Hoping loony Jake will finally get to meet that other much-loved Crooked Acres character, Mister Boogers!

  36. Thank you for sharing so many Jake photos and memories–what a darling, darling dear cat he was. I’m very sorry for your loss and I’ll be thinking of y’all.

  37. One of our kitties has Lymphoma. She was given 2-9 months. She has made it past the 9 months mark and is doing ok so far… Sorry for your loss. He was such a pretty kitty and had such a great personality.

  38. What a wonderful tribute. The pictures really show his personality. Him going up to all his siblings expecting a head lick made me laugh out loud. RIP Jake.
    Send you Robyn and Fred my sincerest condolences.

  39. Sweet,sweet Jakey Boy! I was a new reader of your blog when Jake and Elwood showed up, so I remember them as kittens and such sweet, if loony, boys. Now he’s back with Elwood–run free, boys! We’ll always remember you. (And thank you, Robyn and Fred, for taking them in and taking such good care of them.)

  40. Wow, what a beautiful tribute to handsome Jake. I am writing through my tears. I am so sorry, it has to be hard for you and Fred. You two are so caring and loving with all these sweet babies. God Bless you both and thank you for all you do for these precious babies

  41. I am so very sorry . He will always be my little grey boyfriend. I’m heartbroken for you and Fred.

  42. I first started reading your blog with the True Blood kittens and Jakey fast became my favorite. He’s one of the reasons that, when someone dumped a couple of kittens on our property – including a smoky gray/blue one with crazy eyes – I absolutely knew that we HAD to keep them. Thank you for the lives you give your cats, and for sharing those lives with us through the good, the bad, and the end.

  43. Oh Robyn,

    I am so sorry about Jake. I loved that loony boy too. Please hug the other permanent residents, especially Khal, for me

  44. What a wonderful tribute to Jake. I remember when you posted the story of how those beautiful boys arrived at your house. Sending both you and Fred some love.

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