5-15-20 Friday

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Well, we won’t need collars or dabs of nail polish on this mixed coat crew.

It was very thoughtful of Bunny to have a variety pack, wasn’t it?


I’ve been wondering, is this the first time you’ve had a whole family adopted without anyone having to go to Petsmart? It feels like a pretty rare occurrence.

It is a pretty rare occurrence, but it’s not the first time – the Half Pints last year all went to their homes without a stop at Petsmart. Though technically Almanzo – now Cooper – did meet his people at Petsmart, but it was a matter of me taking him there, them meeting him and filling out the application, and then me bringing him home while their application was being processed, so I think that counts as going straight from here.

I LOVE IT that all of Los Mewchachos got to go to their homes without a stay at Petsmart, and I would be perfectly thrilled if it always happened that way.


A suggestion- if you want to minimize Facebook’s tracking, use Firefox and go look up an extension for it (only) called Facebook Fence, and another extension (for all browsers) called Ghostery. Facebook Fence puts Facebook and any other site you designate (i.e. any site that wants you to log in with Google or Facebook) in a “jail” so that it can’t see what you input to any site outside the jail. Ghostery silent-blocks ads, cryptominers, fingerprinters, tracker pixels, and all that other junk that everyone insists on slipping into their websites because they’re nosy. I recommend both of these. Also, have an email that you use exclusively for shopping, commenting, and giving out to everyone who wants your email address so they can deluge you with ads. Then, all your real correspondence goes to a different email.

Thanks for this, Warriorinside! (I have an email address that I use solely to place online orders and I only sign into it every few weeks to clear out the junk, and I highly recommend that practice!)


Bugs sure does have a long tail!

I swear, Bunny is just cartoonishly adorable.

Lola’s spying.

Bugs is all “What?”

“Lady, you tell my other kittens to get their little butts back in the crate.”

Bugs and Lola in the Cuties box. (Lola climbed in there on her own; I put Bugs in to get this picture.)

Benjamin and Honey in the Cuties box. (I actually put all four of them in the box at once, and they fit but I couldn’t get all of them to look at me, and then Lola was like “SEEYA” and climbed right out of the box.)

“I did not wish to be in the box, lady.”

Bugs is keeping an eye on me. (No, his eyes won’t stay blue.)

Benjamin is havin’ a think.

Honey’s exploring.

The kittens are now climbing into the litter boxes on their own and yesterday I saw a tiny pee in the box. I don’t know who left it – my guess is Bugs, but it could have been any of them. Well, probably not Benjamin who casually squatted and peed in the middle of one of the rugs yesterday (thank god all the rugs are washable.) I picked him up mid-pee and put him in the litter box, and he looked at me as though he thought I was very very rude.

Bunny is visibly more relaxed than she was the first couple of days they were here. She’s less prone to SHOOT out of the crate as soon as I walk into the room, and hearing voices from outside doesn’t make her growl anymore. (Although Fred was holding her on his shoulder yesterday so I could clean/redress her neck wound, and she caught sight of the outside through a window and growled. There were no people or animals in sight, just a tree branch blowing in the breeze. I guess she told that branch who’s in charge.)


“You gonna let me in?” Newt prefers to go in and out through the window rather than the cat doors, and since he’s the old man of the bunch (14!), he gets his way. But then again, if we see any of the cats sitting at the window wanting in, we let them in, so I guess they ALL get their way. I know you’re shocked to hear that.


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  1. OMG, Bunny has SPECTACULAR whiskers, and I don’t think I ever saw eyelash whiskers so long and curly! They almost curl down so far as to meet her muzzle whiskers! She is a beauty, for sure, and her kittens are also gorgeous!

  2. Happy to help, Robyn! Did you know you’ve got trackers on Love and Hisses, too? Not too many, Ghostery sees two, but they are present, and one of them is just Gravatar, which is inoffensive.

    For those who do not know – the browser Google Chrome is a serious snoop, not to mention a resource hog. It sends all kinds of stuff about your computer, the other apps installed on it, etc. back to Google without your knowledge. I run Chrome only when a website will not work correctly with Firefox, and I recommend the practice.

  3. I find it amusing how Bugs and Lola have opposite (and therefore matching) white stripes on the sides of their noses. They are almost like mirror twins.

  4. The condition that Bunny was in gives me courage to keep brushing my long haired, 15year old boy- even though he does not appreciate it. My family comes by and does spot clipping of the knots.

  5. The picture of Benjamin and Honey together is just impossibly cute! There’s something unique about their head shape. It’s like an anvil or something, so wide at the top. What a pair they are! I am totally in love with little Honey. She’ll be a real beauty when she grows up!

  6. I feel that I need Lola. Sadly, my Cassie would not agree. Plus I’m way up north. *sigh*