5-15-19 Wednesday

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Hard to believe just 13 weeks ago she birthed those kittens, isn’t it?

Pa thinks Willie’s tail is either a toy or a snack. Willie’s waiting to see what the decision is.

Charles looks like he’s having nefarious thoughts, doesn’t he?

Laura loves to dangle her front legs.

“What’s going on here? Did I miss nap time?!”

Oh, that girl. She is just so darn pretty.

Willie and Albert turned that basket over in about 10 seconds flat.

I opened the box the Kitty Cardboard box (over there to the right) came in, and naturally they thought the flat box was the best thing ever.

Albert and Willie, all “You again?”

One of the reasons* I’m so excited about getting this big room as the foster room is because it actually gets sun in the morning. The other room rarely sees sun due to the big tree in front of the window.

*Other reasons: It’s much bigger, and a couch can fit in there. Yay!

“Seriously, lady? Trying to sleep here!”


Oh, that Frankie. He is such a sweet boy.

If you’re curious, Frankie continues to do very well. (Newer readers: Frankie is FIV positive and has stomatitis, which required surgery two years ago to remove the majority of his teeth. He’s on a twice-weekly dose of Atopica, and while he doesn’t love being medicated, he tolerates it very well. Of note: our big floofy black kitty Khal is also FIV positive, but has had no health issues so far.)


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5-15-19 Wednesday — 4 Comments

  1. Pa, nefarious thoughts? Why I declare. Not possible! 🙂

    As usual, lovely pictures!!

    Greetings to you and your fabulous FIV+ cats from me and my FIV+ floofy long-haired gray tabby girl. So far no symptoms to speak of either.

  2. I also have an FIV+ cat with stomatitis who is going to need dental work soon. Poor guy and he’s so completely sweet (also an orange boy) and still so young, only 3. I hope he’ll do as well as Frankie. That Caroline really IS pretty; I love her white chin patch!

  3. I was just wondering how Frankie (especially his mouth) was doing – I’m glad he’s doing well! And tuxies with a little white chin are my favorite — I’ve had three kitties (Charlotte, Dolly, and currently Allie) with that marking. In fact, the moment I saw Allie, I knew I had to adopt her because of her little white chin. So pretty!

  4. I’m so, so happy to read that Frankie’s doing well! He’s such a doll…

    Caroline is very pretty; I just opened up your page, and one of my co-workers passed behind me and commented on what a pretty girl she is (“ooo, look at the kitty! Awwwwww!”). We then proceeded to squee over Pa and the Half Pints, like the Crazy Cat Ladies we are.