3-19-23 Kittens!

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We have kittens! This is just a super-quick post to let those of you not on social media know that kittens were born last evening. We have four of them – one calico, one house panther (all black), one tortie, and one black and white tuxie. The calico and tortie are girls, of course, and I think the other two are boys (Fred will have a look later.)

They are a beautiful, wiggly, healthy bunch, and everyone is doing great. Daisy has eaten, oversaw my changing of the soaked bedding, and now is curled up with the babies.

More tomorrow, of course!


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3-19-23 Kittens! — 9 Comments

  1. Congrats to Daisy! Glad to see there’s a calico and tortie in the group. There will be more ‘tude than the foster room can handle! 😉

  2. Well done, Daisy – but the look on your face in the picture seems like you are counting the days until these mites will be ready to be adopted! Don’t worry – Robyn will keep pampering you and will find you a perfect home, too!

  3. As I said on twitter, eeeeeee kittens! 😀

    I’m holding out hope for a surprise, super special rarity of a male calico or tortie… but I’ll also be delighted with tricolor girls. I already am! And a tuxie and a house panther, squee!

  4. Daisy politely waited until Lincoln and Lilly were adopted, and then she was like, “Here you go, this house is ready for more kittens.” So thoughtful.

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