3-17-23 Friday

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Edited to add: No kittens.

Oh, her stern little face just kills me.

Also, that belly.

No kittens yet (will update when I roll out of bed.) If/when she has them over the weekend, I will post here (as well as on social media), since I know not everyone is on Facebook, etc.


My brother’s birthday is also the 19th! But, as you say, it seems unlikely….

Remember how a week ago, I was like “I think we’ll have kittens this weekend!” Yeah, well. Now not only does the 19th seem possible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we still didn’t have kittens on Monday because THAT’S HOW CATS ARE.


Amber has a super long tail and a long body as well. The Athens AL vet always said he had never seen such a long cat! Any chance Marsali and Amber are distantly related?

You know, it’s possible! I looked back to see if I could remember where Amber and her siblings came from, and I don’t have the details (they were with another foster before they came to me). Nothing would surprise me any more, honestly.


Is Joanie’s fur really soft? Our dilute Tortie Chloe has fur so soft it is like velvet. Especially around her neck and throat. Chloe and Joanie could be sisters they look so much alike.

Joanie’s fur is actually kind of rough right now – I suspect that it’ll improve over time (especially since I added an Omega 3 oil to their food).


Joanie in the mirror. I love this shot!

Marsali in her pie plate.

Joanie in the curvy scratcher, showing off her Resting Joanie Face.

Marsali likes to talk to the feather teasers.

Marsali checking on Joanie, who’s taken over the pie plate.

Joanie’s not sorry.

Marsali strikes a pose.

As does Joanie. Pretty girls!

Okay, at nearly a week since they came home with me, I am seeing the friendship between Marsali and Joanie. They remind me a LOT of 2019 fosters Charles and Caroline. I don’t think it shows in pictures and videos all that well, but there’s a BIG size difference between the two girls. Marsali weighs 11 1/2 pounds (5.21 kg), and Joanie is a petite 6.5 pounds (2.94 kg). Like Charles, Marsali is just a BIG cat, with a silly personality. She’s very gentle with Joanie – the girls play together, and while Marsali jumps at and chases Joanie, she never makes contact with her and never jumps ON her. Like Caroline, Joanie is tiny and serious at first, and then she shows that she’s as silly as her sister (she really likes to bat at Marsali’s tail, and Marsali tolerates it really well). They’re a great pair – I don’t know yet that they’re BONDED (we may see how they deal with being separated briefly at some point over the weekend), but they’re certainly friends.


Charlie wishes you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I hope y’all enjoy your corned beef and cabbage and green beer – or however you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (if you do.) Erin go Bragh!


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

“Daisy!” I said, when I walked in to check on her. “WHERE are the kittens?!” ⁠
She flopped onto her side and said “Here they are!”⁠
Funny girl.

A few people have pointed out the resemblance between Marsali’s mama Jocasta, and her (now) sister Joanie. Yep, I see it! ⁠

(Joanie and Marsali are not from the same litter, and Joanie is not a former foster – they were adopted into the same home, and when Marsali was returned, of course we took Joanie too.)

YouTube link
These girls like a routine. Marsali and Joanie meet me at the door, come over for some petting, and then Marsali wanders off to play while Joanie climbs into my lap for a couple of minutes (before she goes off to play.)

I didn’t realize how far down that teaser was hanging – but Marsali noticed! Oh yes indeed she did, and it was driving her nuts. (So of course I got it down and waved it around for her.)

YouTube link
Daisy has figured out how to make her point and I love it when she uses her back foot to guide my hand back to her ears. Silly girl. (Look closely, you might see some kittens kicking!)

YouTube link
Tossing toys for kittens! Marsali seems to remember this game – Joanie got right on board pretty quickly, though.

Good night innernets. (Joanie)


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  1. Yup, with you on kittens after the 19th now. After thinking she wouldn’t make it to that long (eye roll emoji). This is beginning to feel more and more like Canasta – checking every few hours, just like Canasta too.

  2. Question for next Friday: When you have both hands free, does she let you pet her head and belly at the same time, or does she think you should dedicate both hands to her pretty face?

  3. According to FB and twitter, there are four kittens so far. Robyn has gone to bed, leaving Daisy and the kittens to themselves. Colors: calico, tuxie, and 2 house panthers.

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