3-17-17 St. Patrick’s Friday!

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I am about to hit the road for a long weekend road trip with my sister (I’ll be back late Tuesday – and yes, of course I pre-wrote and scheduled posts for next week already. You know how I am!), and since I am running around making sure I packed everything I’m going to need, I won’t be posting questions and answers in today’s entry. I think I caught all the questions that needed answering in the comments, so if you asked something, go back and check the comments.

The most pressing question I’m getting lately is this one: WHEN THE HOLY HECK ARE YOU GETTING MORE FOSTER KITTENS ALREADY?! The answer is, hopefully after I get back. So maybe next week? I hope? We’ll see!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

“I don’t FEEL very lucky,” thinks Frankie.

“Zzz…” thinks Stefan.

That’s a whole lot of hate coming from Archie.

“If I don’t make eye contact, this isn’t happening,” thinks Alice.

“Eff your hat,” thinks Jake both loonily and smugly.

“Why?” wonders Dewey. “Why is this happening? I was having such a nice nap!”

“You are going to get SO many tickets for this!” warns Sheriff Mama (aka Kara).

“Why, lord? WHY?” begs Newt.

I can’t even. His FACE is killing me dead.

DEAD, I say.

Y’all be safe if you’re partying tonight, enjoy your corned beef and don’t drink too much green beer.


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3-17-17 St. Patrick’s Friday! — 19 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t worry about tickets from Sheriff Mama…I think Archie might KEEL you. 😉

    Best horrified look ever – Newt. OMG

  2. Faith and begorrah! I was hoping there would be a St. Paddy’s Day post today and I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! I love all the little cat-prechauns in their hats!

    OK – I’m done now. 😀 Have a wonderful vacay and I hope we get to see pictures later (especially if you come across any cats!).

  3. I am impressed that you got that that on Archie and lived to relocating it.

    Poor best, list his dignity and an ear!

  4. Oh my, I had to hold in my laughter, as I’m at work, when I saw the Newt picture. That’s priceless and should be next year’s March picture. Yep, dying over here along with ya!

  5. Oh my GOD! Newt! That face!! *thud*

    *cracks one eye open* Have a good weekend trip! *returns to state of deadness-from-the-cute*

  6. Alice in a hat with her unmatched eyeliner is giving me Alex Delarge’s vibes. I thought my favorite picture was Jake’s, all smug kicking that hat off but then came Newt. Those hats are fearful!

  7. my sister was having a crap day, and I had to show her your pictures XD Newt and Archie made her laugh hehehehe. Though she said best beware of Kara that has the look of ‘i’ll get you later’ XD

  8. Speaking of road trips, I had a dream that I had two tiny kittens and I was on a road trip and I decided to just stop by your house – you and Fred weren’t home but the doors weren’t locked so I just let myself in and when you got home I was like ‘HI, I THOUGHT WE COULD ALL HANG OUT, I PET ALL YOUR CATS WHILE YOU WERE OUT’. Dream-you was surprisingly okay with this. I apologize for my subconscious’s creepiness.