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Paul is all Open Mouth of Outrage, and Peter’s all “What do you want?”

“I keel you!” says Paul.


Mary, watching Peter race around like his tail’s on fire.

Little schemer.

Naptime with Unca Dennis.

Mary yells “HEY! Why you keep takin’ our picture?!”

And Dennis is all “Better get used to it, kid.”


I’ve had that silvervine kicker for a long time, and Mary has really taken a shine to it. Probably because it’s almost exactly her size!


Videos! In the first, OMG you GUYS, it is SUPER HARD to be a wee kitten, and Peter’s gotta whine all about it.

YouTube link.

And in the second, Peter, Paul and Mary are more interested in fighting than nappin’.

YouTube link.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! McStefan is going to have a little of the ‘nip, drink no green beer, and then beg some corned beef off me later. It’ll be a busy and productive day, I expect.


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3-17-15 — 28 Comments

    • He has the tendency to be a little bitey with the really small ones – but he hasn’t shown much interest in this bunch, so he hasn’t spent any time with them.

  1. Dapper napper McStefan always makes me smile when he so patiently endures your dress-up shenanigans! <3

  2. Awww- that first scene in Kitten Fight Club when Mary quits fighting and crawls up to look at you is delightful. And Mr. McStefan is even more dapper than ever, if that is possible. He was born to wear that hat!

    Good news – the vet says not to be concerned about Precious’ nystagmus: the rapid horizontal scanning of her left eye. Most likely it is due to her “Asian heritage” (none of us are sure what percentage of Burmese, Siamese and/or Tonkinese she has in her). Yes, there are cases when nystagmus could be a marker of something serious, but he is sure that is not so with Precious.

    Having heard from some of you about your own cats with the same quirk helped me not to worry too much over the weekend – and now to relax and enjoy Precious and her special charm. Thank you!

  3. “I keel you” – we had a lot of that going on this weekend too….except Rootbeer tried that on his momma and got bopped in the head 🙂

  4. The kitteh fight club is…adorable. And Dennis looks soooooo stressed (NOT!). Yesterday I was looking out at my backyard and two baby squirrels were chasing each other around, up and down trees, reminded me so much of playful kittens! Ah Spring…

  5. Dennis has such as smooshable face – I just want to go smoosh, smoosh, smoosh, KISS!

    And McStefan, my four (especially Tuxie O’Tank, now that he has been placed on a diet) will also be begging for the corned beef tonight, especially after smelling it cooking in the crockpot all day! 😀

    • We always eat our big meal at 1:00, so we just ate. Stefan was DYING for some corned beef, but as it turns out, he wasn’t so much a fan of the little piece Fred gave him. What kind of Irish boy is he?!

  6. Laney had been making lots of progress (after the visit to the vet, she started running away from my husband and I). She started coming to me for pets and snuggles. Last night, she got into bed with me and snuggled up next to me. We both (and another of my cats) fell asleep. My husband came to bed after I had already gone. He didn’t know Laney was there….and scared the baJesus out of her. Well, this morning, she ran from me again. Boo! One giant leap back after all that progress. 🙁

  7. Those baby Bookworms are just ridiculously cute with their Fremen eyes.

    Sweet Corbie, and Reacher, I forgot how little and tan he was at first.

    Also had forgotten their mother. You were very sweet and caring with her despite the unwelcome outcome.

    You certainly honored her with how you loved and cared for her boys. Especially dear Corbie.

    • I’m actually a little surprised that it was this time of year that Fred brought them home – I had gotten into my head that it was mid-April or so. They certainly were a sweet bunch (and lucky thing I had them, since Maura wasn’t actually pregnant!)

  8. Oh, the purring in that first video sounded so heavenly! Even if Peter thinks it is a SUPER HARD life being a wee bebeh kitteh.

  9. Ah, Dennis- I love him taking care of the kittens. In that first pic he is smiling right at you!