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I’m pretty sure Mary caught herself an Asian Lady Beetle (they’re coming out of hibernation with the warmer temperatures, and are EVERYWHERE. The kittens like smacking at them, but discovered that they’re not very tasty.)

Peter in the sun, Mary in mid-jump, and Paul biting the feather teaser. In other words: business as usual.

They are just so pleased that they figured out how to use the scratcher to get up on that cat shelf (they’re still too little to get up on it by jumping from the floor. Not that they haven’t tried!)

I don’t recall what made Paul put on his floof suit, but it’s quite snazzy, isn’t it?

Paul hiding behind the Ba-Da-Beam, clutching a toy mouse. He’s such a little nut.

Uncle Dennis came for another visit, and immediately climbed to the top of the cat tree. The kittens, of course, followed right behind him.

Peter in mid-leap.

I love how Dennis is watching Peter, while Paul peeks at him from below.

Smacking at Paul, while keeping an eye on Peter (you could say he’s robbing Peter (of Uncle Dennis smacks) to pay Paul. Ba DUM tsssh!).


“Hey, kid. Howyadoin’?”

After a few trips to visit the kittens, Dennis decided they were okay, and spent all day Saturday and Sunday upstairs with them. He naps on Fred’s bed, and sometimes the kittens join him. If they don’t bother him, he doesn’t bother them. If they come sniff at him or smack his tail, he grabs them and either licks them or bites their neck. He seems pretty amused by them – he’s an awfully good Uncle.


Video! This isn’t the best video ever, but I really like the way you can see Mary and Paul in the mirrors, playing, while the camera is actually pointed at Peter.

YouTube link.


Miz Poo would like me to put that camera down and snuggle her NOW, please.


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3-16-15 — 12 Comments

  1. I’m having the type of morning where I would love some Poo snuggles. Her picture made my day & I will probably come back later & look at it again. Give her super snuggles!

  2. Paul is flooftastic and Unca Dennis is just a sweetie!

    *Snuggles Miz Poo* *Happily wipes Poo sneeze from face* 😀

  3. Love the daily posts, but today’s was perfect Monday medication–
    humor, floof suits, a fun uncle visit…a cameo appearance by Miz Poo, what more could we want?!
    well, maybe those asian beetles removed right NOW. Cats do learn quickly how bad they smell and taste. Spring sunshine sure calls ’em out.

  4. the 2011 post – Maggie was so pretty and “Princess Alice of Smugonia”


  5. Oh, Unca Dennis, you have to be the best babysitter EVER. Hard to believe that a year ago or so he was a little guy looking up to Uncle Stefan and Uncle Tommy.

    Have they encountered Grandma Poo yet?