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Hey, Maggie, you gonna give me those babies today?


“Well, lady, it’s like this.”








“Today’s not your day, and tomorrow’s not looking so hot, either.”

Those of you who’ve asked whether Maggie’s really pregnant, all I can say is that they checked her over at the clinic and told me she was ready to pop at any time. Last year, Maura was tested, but I don’t think she was actually examined. All I can say is that Maggie’s nipples are way more prominent than Maura’s ever were and that I spend way more time than I would have ever believed possible discussing a cat’s nipples. Fred has counted Maggie’s nipples and informed me that there are eight. Which is nice to know. I think.

Only time will tell whether she’s really pregnant; I believe she is. But how likely is it that I’d end up getting TWO cats that I thought were pregnant but really aren’t, after all?

(Oh, wait. We’re talking about ME, aren’t we? That certainly increases the odds!)

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Princess Alice of Smugonia in her favorite tongue-and-fangs pose.


2010: Every time I go into the kitten room, Maura meows at me once or twice, and I say “Give me those babies!”
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3-16-11 — 10 Comments

  1. Alice looks like she needs kisses. And I must admit, I would be giving Maggie’s belly about a million little kisses, too! 🙂

  2. I am betting you Maggie holds out for a good long time. As much as I love little teeny tiny baby kitties, I think she has figured out that *this* is THE LIFE. Food, personal servants, more food, tummy scritches, her own private guest room and bath… I mean really, why mess that up with kids? 🙂

  3. She certainly looks pregnant – look at that belly, that doesn’t look like normal fat cat belly to me and i know fat cats – both of mine are over 15 lbs lol

  4. Am I too late for a name suggestion? For a boy, Angus. It may be more Scottish than Irish, but it is a cuuuute name for wee kitten! Also, for a girl, Limerick.

  5. Oh I really do think mum Maggie is preggers!! That fat round belly is carrying something heavier than just fat!!! LOL!! Awwww she’s beautiful and GLOWING!!!! 🙂

    Good luck!!!!!

    Awwww lovely Alice!! So pretty! take care

  6. Look on the bright side: it would just be too funny for words if you had two Irish-themed mamas turn out to be fat from crunchies and loving! I think she is… and that it’s better this way than it was with Kara. Maggie has time to settle in and build up her strength before the birth. That has got to be good!

  7. I really like the sequence of shots of Maggie walking towards you, looking so burly. I scroll through them quickly so it’s almost like animation! You could make a Maggie flip-book.

  8. Heehee… I must admit “Maura II” crossed my mind when you first introduced her, but then I thought, what are the odds? Hoping those babies come soon and end the waiting agony!