3-17-16 Thursday

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“I sees you, lady,” says Bert Macklin, who appears to be on the verge of falling asleep.

Ken Adams, having some Deep Thinkin’.

“I sees you, lady,” says Ken Adams.

Susie and Princess Consuela, getting ready to tussle (or pile up and sleep).

The expression on Regina’s face is cracking me UP. Looks like someone’s caught a case of The Loons.

“Harrumph,” says Chanandler Bong.

Sleepy pile o’ kittens.

Same kittens, different configuration.

::HISS!” says Chanandler Bong, half-heartedly.

Susie’s little face seems to default to “Smug.”

Piling up.


Dennis loves to lay with his limbs flopped all over the place. He reminds me of the long-legged cheetah toy.


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3-17-16 Thursday — 9 Comments

  1. Kitteh eyes always crack me up at this stage. They just look so world-weary and exhausted, as though at the tender age of 3 weeks they have seen everything and are completely done with it.

  2. Ah Dennis, you crack me up with your legs all over the place when you sleep. I sure wish he could find a home where he felt safe and secure. Bwhahaha.

  3. Would be fun to see a time-lapse of the various configurations of the kitten pile.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that first pic: the expression (the world-weariness and exhaustion that commenter Jennifer referred to above),the eye slit, the contrast of the brilliant blue eyes against his lovely grey fur, the fuzzy multi-colored background and the crisp red foreground — just beautifully composed, Robyn!

  4. Dennis is such a cutie! And Susie’s default smug face – just this morning, I posted a picture on Instagram of my late cat Vinnie (he was helping me knit). He was the sweetest boy, but always looked grumpy. My sister’s cat also always looks grumpy. This made me think about how dogs seem to have more “range of emotion,” for lack of a better term, when it comes to the looks on their faces than do cats. And that’s too bad – I think that’s probably one reason why so many people think all cats are cold and aloof, when nothing could be farther from the truth.