3-18-16 Friday

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Meet Chris (left) and Minka. They are located in the Denver, Colorado area. Their owner is being forced to move on very short notice, and cannot take Chris and Minka with her. They need a home! Click here (or on the picture above) to read more about them. If you or someone you know would like to give them a home or would like more information about them, you can contact Dr. Jeannie Brisson at askdrbrisson (at) mail.com – they aren’t her cats, but she’s hoping to help find them a home.

Please share!


Last night, FINALLY, after almost 2 months:

I hope we get updates on him! Also, speaking of da Nubbs, I filled in for the regular Monday morning cleaner at Petsmart this week, and got some great pictures of him. If you’ve been on the Challenger’s House Facebook page, you’ve seen them. Those of you who don’t do Facebook, worry not – I’ll share them in the Weekly Roundup post on Saturday or Sunday.


Regina is so protective. Has she ever hissed or swiped at you? Have you ever had a mother do something like that when a strange lady with a camera makes her babies cry?

I’ve been really lucky with my mama kitties – the only one who ever hissed at me was Emmy, and she got a pass because she was feral. She put up with me handling her babies far better than I expected she would. The rest of them – including Regina – will come over to see what’s going on, and if their baby is screaming, they very well might take that baby into the crate, but it’s more like they’re annoyed at me than mad. I try to balance handling the kittens – so they’ll get used to it – with not annoying the mamas. So far, Regina’s only come over to take one baby away from me, and that was in the first few days.


Question about the cat bed/scratcher…I bought one for my cat Zola, and she loves sleeping in it, but she won’t use it for a scratcher. Her previous scratcher was one that left bits of cardboard literally all over my 450 square foot apartment, so I’d like to not go that route if I don’t have to. She has also destroyed a sisal rope-wrapped scratching post, and wouldn’t use it after I glued the rope back on. Any ideas? She’s resorting to the furniture, and that is not ideal (even though most of it is IKEA with slipcovers, so nothing precious.)

GD said: I know this is a simple one…but all my cats like it (both the clawed and declawed)

I recently bought a couple of these scratching posts, one for the foster room and one for the living room, and they’re a hit. I like that they’re very well-constructed and the cats like them a lot. Also, they’re very tall, so the cats (especially Jake) can stretch completely and really go to town.

Actually, now that I think about it, I got mine at Chewy.com – they’re the same price as Amazon, but shipping from Chewy is free if you buy over $49 – the ones at Amazon cost $6.99 for shipping.

How about it, y’all? Got scratcher suggestions?


I was immediately reminded of this video that had gave me a real good laugh.

That is the STORY OF MY LIFE!


Robyn, Over at TinyKittens.com, Shelly is fostering a feral litter just born on Wednesday. One of the little muffins isn’t doing well. Have you ever had a wee baby not thrive for you?

(Note: Cindy Lou Mew did not pull through despite Shelly’s best efforts, and they said goodbye to her Sunday night.)

I have been extraordinarily lucky – I thought we were going to lose Tony Rocky Horror Pickle at one point, but he pulled through (and then some!) The only kittens I’ve lost were four kittens in 2009, but to be honest, I don’t think they really ever had a chance, they were removed from their mother at birth and never given any time with her. Shelly does an amazing job – that tiny kitten was in the best hands possible!


This story from sourpuss (in the comments last Friday) cracked me UP:

I ordered that cat scratcher/pie plate but they didn’t ship to Canada so I had it sent to my BF’s house in the States & thought I’d just bring it home next time I visit. However, when the box arrived, BF assumed it was for HIS cat and I didn’t want to disappoint so I didn’t correct him. I figured it wouldn’t be a problem because his senior cat, who turns his nose up at any cat-related thing I buy for him, would reject it and then I would just take it home for my kitties anyway.


And I still can’t believe I’m saything this, but…

HIS CAT LOVES IT. Let me be clear, this cat loves NOTHING. He doesn’t even fit in it (they really do need to make a jumbo size for the … ahem… larger kitties) but I’ll be damned if I didn’t get photographic evidence of his cat rolling around in it, sitting in it, napping in it. My BF says it’s now part of his cat’s daily routine to spend time in it.

This has made me ridiculously happy so now I need to order another for my own kitties and thank you, yet again, Robyn, for giving us a heads-up that more were in stock.

Unfortunately, my BF’s cat will never know it was ME that gave it to him so I’m still looked upon unfavourably by him every time I visit… but that’s okay, I still adore the grumpy orange fuzzball.


In case you missed this on Facebook, Elijah – one of The Seven, who we fostered back in 2009 – was returned recently along with his brother Cecil. He’s a beautiful boy, and I hope that he’s adopted out again quickly. He’s at Petsmart now – I’ll add him to the sidebar this weekend alongside Creed, and hopefully I’ll get around to adding the Fakers as well.


Is it just me, or is Regina Phalange drop-dead gorgeous? Those WHISKERS. Those EYES. That gorgeous fur. She’s the total package!

Poor Ken Adams, in the middle of the picture, with Susie’s foot in his eye. He doesn’t seem too bothered, does he?

This picture cracks me up because of Ken Adams, there in the back of the crate, staring at the wall.

Ken Adams, laying on Regina’s foot.

:::HISS!::: said the fearsome Ken Adams.


Lazy little muffins.

Susie and her claws.

Chanandler and someone’s foot (I don’t think it’s her own).

Ken Adams haz a sleepy.

Ken Adams haz a wee complaint.

Princess Consuela, using Chanandler Bong as a pillow.

“What’s going on over HERE?” wonders Ken Adams.

At the milk bar. Princess Consuela’s leg thrown over Chanandler Bong is cracking me up.


Archie enjoys hanging out on my bed during the day. I’m not sure where he hangs out at night, though. He’s a Man of Mystery, that one.


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3-18-16 Friday — 27 Comments

  1. Yay for the King of All Nubbs!

    Oooo, that Ken Adams is a fearsome one alright! Although the fact he can be so easily distracted by a wall makes me think he’s probably not gonna be the brains of the operation when they grow up and really start getting into kitten mayhem. Is that a row of mini baby teeth I spy on some of them?!

  2. When I first saw Chris’ picture, I thought it was Joe Bob!
    YAY NUBS!!!!! {{Throws confetti}}
    Sourpuss’ story cracked me up, also! But doesn’t it always work out that way? Just when you think something is gonna be simple! Well, at least, the grumpy orange fuzzball will be a bit less grumpy! πŸ™‚
    Robyn, that is a mighty fine scratcher!!!!

    TGIF everyone!

    • My BF proclaims the pie plate is his cat’s “favourite thing in the universe”!

      I figured he might grow tired of it after a few days but NOPE, he still loves it!

  3. Kudos to King Nubbs for having at last round his subjects — great news. And may Elijah and Cecil find theirs very soon, though I’m sure they’ll getting lots of love at Petsmart in the interregnum.

    Regina is indeed a beauty, and re scratchers, those discussed above are the very best.

  4. I was kind of sad to see King Nubbs go as I so enjoyed my cudddles with him, but am ecstatic he has a great home now and two humans to snuggle with. I also met Elijah again last night. What a gorgeous buff colored boy he is now and so sweet and calm.

  5. I think it may be safe to say that Robyn adores Ken Adams πŸ™‚ Perhaps he’ll end up in the permanent resident column before it’s all said and done? This is such a cute litter and Mama Regina is so elegant looking.

    • Ooh, I might have to buy one of those scratchers!

      I love that quilt – I need to buy a new one, it’s starting to get old and a little bedraggled. πŸ™‚

  6. So, I keep thinking how much these little muffins and their Mama look like Joe Bob. What kind of Uncle would Joe Bob be? Would be all “kids! It’s Uncle Joe Bob!!! Who wants to play with my tail!?!!?”. Or would he be all “nope not happening” at the thought of kittens.

  7. Robyn, can I use your idea of your “all the fosters” page? I love looking back through their stories and gorgeous faces.