Minka and Chris need a home! (Denver, Colorado)



Chris and Minka are located in the Denver, Colorado area. Their owner is being forced to move on short notice, and cannot take her cats with her.

If you or someone you know is interested in giving them a home, please contact Dr. Jeannie Brisson at askdrbrisson (at) gmail.com

My cats are shelter rescue cats. Chris is 4 years old, Minka is 6 both have short fur.

Chris is a large,neutered, male with claws and an ID chip. I fostered him as a kitten and then adopted him. He is a gray tabby. He is gentle and leery of new people. He hides when visitors come, but warms up to people when they are around for a while. He does a lot of brushing against my legs and rolls on his back asking to be pet. He likes to be pet and curls up on my lap and likes to snuggle at my knees on the bed. He is fascinated by water that comes out of the tap and will drink water out of my cupped hands as he sits on the edge of the sink in the bathroom.

Minka, is a petite gray and white front declawed female with an ID chip. We adopted her so that Chris would not be an only cat. She has very soft fur, she loves to sit on my lap and just be held. She is inquisitive and likes to find out who or what is new in the house. At night she sleeps on a pillow on my bed. She likes to play with string and toys, if Chris will let her. She has a sensitive stomach. I’ve tried many foods and have found that it does not matter what I feed her, she sometimes can’t keep it down. She is the cuddliest cat I have owned. She is on my lap, purring, as I type this.

Minka and Chris are indoor cats. We have too many coyotes to let them out safely. They do mutual grooming, chase each other, tussle and curl up together in the sun. They enjoy catnip and Chris likes to nibble on cat grass. They like to sit in the perches and watch what happens outside

They have lived in a home with two adults and no other animals. I am not sure how they would adapt to other animals. I have not found any bad habits and they are easily trained. They are both healthy and have not been exposed to other cats or animals. I think they will do best if they go to the same home.

They come with cat boxes, food, litter, dishes, catnip and cat perches.

I really want them to find a loving, caring home.

Again, for more information, please contact Dr. Jeannie Brisson at askdrbrisson (at) gmail.com (they aren’t her cats, but she’s hoping to help find a home for them).

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